Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Motocross Challenge/Thrust Advance Review

OK I've got these two titles now (find out more about them & how to get them here) as lovely GBA cartridges and I've played them both a little... Motocross Challenge is great! its a nice little 2D bike title... Now I've played a few bike games and unlike driving games, bike games have never really cut it!

There's something about the bike experience that doesn't translate onto video gaming! Still, Motocross Challenge seals the deal! I think its just 'cos its 2D, it takes away the whole physicality of riding a bike and allows you to be an observer... It reminds me of Hot Wheels Stunt Track for the Game Boy Colour. Look here...

You've got to ride you way through a course, avoiding sticky mud and progressing by beating the clock through a series of tracks... of course there are plenty of ramps to allow you to perform 'rad' tricks, but basically, time is your nemesis... If you want to unlock later levels you have to beat Old Father Time...

But what about 'Thrust Advance'? Well its a great 'retro blast', but compared to its homebrew brother, it just doesn't cut it... Sure its got my retro juices flowing, but actually in terms of what I paid for it, I could have had a much better developed GBA title from a mainstream developer!

This would have been a perfect homebrew title to download through Games 'N' Music but we know the problems with that particular title...

So its not a total loss, but its not a total score either...

Worth the money? On the whole YES! I've got a couple of weeks on vacation to truly appreciate these titles... Let's just wait and see yeah?

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Videogame Cats on the go!

Similar to what I did in the Saturn Junkyard, here is a selection of some fine VG Cats comics about handhelds. Hope they'll make you ROTFLMAOWEB (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off While Eating Bananas):

Boyz in da hood

DS in da hood

Optimus Prime: DS addict

PictoChat 18+ (not joking)

Kirby's Hellride

The PSP has feelings, you know?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Turok Evolution review

After beating Astro Boy I needed a GBA action fix, and Turok Evolution was precisely what I needed. Unlike the Turok games for the Gambe Boy/GB Color (don't forget that Turok 2 was my first GBC game), which were common action platformers, this Evolution is more like Contra or Metal Slug (how I love Metal Slug...).

This means you'll be rushing through the levels with a gun in your hand, wasting everything that moves, jumping platforms and fighting the occasional boss. There are also pure shooting sequences were you're standing in a moving platform and have to kill all the enemies that appear on the screen.

Despite what type of stage you're in, this game is always hard as hell. Unlike Contra or Metal Slug, where you die with just one hit, here you have a life and even an armor bar, but in those games you always start again where you die while here, if you die (and you will die a lot), you always have to repeat the level from the very beginning! FUCK!

The graphics are really nice, the weapons are varied and powerful (I miss grenades, though) and the gameplay is fast and fluid, but it all ends too quickly (you can beat it in an afternoon, if you're skilled/patient enough), so I can really only recommend this game to the fans of this particular action genre that need something to pass time until the release of Contra 4 on the DS.

By the way, I found out that there is a Metal Slug for the GBA, maybe I'll play it soon.

Here's a video I recorded (yes, I learned how to record GBA videos!). The quality is crap, since I had to convert the original file using divx (402mb original -> 5mb divx) and I'm no expert at it. Maybe next time I can do better (I was in a rush this time, so I didn't had the time to mess around with the configurations).

It was also the first time I played that level, which explains why half of the video shows me trying to understand that fucking puzzle in the end. I then realised I couldn't touch the lasers, but the last two barriers were too close to each other, so I needed a perfect jump, something I wasn't able to do while recording.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hand-picked freeware Nintendo DS homebrew games and how to finally run them

from the gutter, the leading blog of (among other stuff) freeware & homebrew games for the Nintendo DS, has gone and made sure we'll all have a cheaper than expected summer. Just have a look at at a bouquet of 10 lovingly hand picked and reviewed homebrew games and then go for another 10 excellent DS freebies. Oh, and don't forget to try the multi-platform strategy instant classic Dicewars.

To help you run said games, you could either have a look at a certain PDF homebrew guide I mentioned some time ago or read this extensive dldi patching tutorial.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Astro Boy - Omega Factor review (GBA)

Since I've started to play Gameboy Advance games again, thanks to Mr. Gnome, there's one particular title that caught my attention and later revealed itself to be nothing less than one of the best, if not TEH best game on the machine. I'm talking about Astro Boy.

Hey, where are you going? No, I shit you not, beyond the cute aspect of the game, which is due to it being based on the Japanese animated series of the same name, lies a fucktastic game! This is no surprise, really, since it's developed both by Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, just to name a few) and Hitmaker (Virtual On, Crazy Taxi).

This game really has a lot to it. For instance, what other action games do good, this game does great. The control system is almost perfect. With just 4 buttons, combined with the d-pad, you jump, use your jets, dash, punch, kick, use your laser and use 3 different special attacks.

In addition to the side-scrolling action levels there are also stages where you control Astro like in an horizontal shmup, which is always good for variety's sake.

The graphics are another of the highlights of this game, being almost too good for the gameboy. You'll see what I mean when the frame rate drops due to the number of enemies on the screen at the same time. Both the enemies and the backgrounds are varied and detailed, making this one of the most good looking games running on the GBA.

But there are two things that really stand out in this game, due to the fact that they're not so common in the action genre, and those are the longevity and the story. The first one is kind of a surprise, because when you think you've just beat the game, you suddenly realize that you're not even half through it. This is done in a great way, since this twist really keeps you motivated until the very end.

The story, on the other end, is a surprise in many ways. Not only it's way more present that in most games, where it's just an excuse to justify the action, but it's also a pretty elaborate one, and if at first it seems really straight-forward, it then builds up upon itself, with a load of plot twists that keep you hooked up and just near the end you start to see the full picture, realizing that some events that seemed insignificant at first after all made all the difference.

Another interesting thing is the fact that it talks about some serious things, like human nature, coexistence between humans and robots, and other topics that one doesn't expect to see in a game based on a cartoon. Definitely not a kid's story.

So, I hope I convinced you all to try this game. If you have a GBA you need to play this game, simple as that, and even if you don't have the machine you can always download an emulator and the game in 10 minutes, so there's just no excuse not to play Astro Boy Omega Factor.

Do yourself a favour and play one of the most amazing portable games ever created.

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Indy Games for the retro-loving GBA masses

Looking for some independently produced Game Boy Advance cartridges created to bring a smile to your wrinkled retro gaming face? Yes? Wow, didn't really expect that, but good news is -both for you and for anyone looking for something refreshing to play on their GBA- you don't have to look any further. Simply follow this link to the brilliant and spanking new RGCD Shop and be thoroughly amazed.

Expect dead cheap prices, retro themed games, the amazing gem that is Motocross Challenge by DHG Games and the very ZX Spectrum-esque Thrust Advance by Grumpy Cat Software. Oh, and while you're at it, do grab the freeware, excellent and freebie filled RGCD Discmag.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DS on stage!

I believe this is the video guttertalk talked about:
And here is another fine example of how great this piece of software seems to be:
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Jam Sessions! Nintendo DS

Ever heard of this game? I actually first saw this game a long time ago in it's Japanese version, known as Guitar M06 or something. Anyway, this is not really a game. Instead it's more like a guitar simulation. In the upper screen you have up to 8 chords to choose from using the d-pad (I think) and in the lower screen you have the selected chord, which you can play using the stylus to strum it.

So, what's the point, then? Well, I guess it could be useful for people who want to try an electric guitar without having to waste a lot of cash in a guitar+amplifier combo, or even a guitar addict who desperately needs to keep playing, even when he's...let's say...on the toilet.

Anyway, looks like an interesting title, and, although I'm not a guitar player, I would definitely like to try it (did you know that I can play Nirvana's "Come as you are" in a classical guitar?).

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Orcs & Elves Review

After some time messing around with Doom RPG I finally beat it and moved on to the much anticipated Orcs & Elves, and guess what? It's even better! The core of the gameplay is the same of Doom RPG, which means you move in a 3D chessboard-like environment, slaying enemies and collecting items.

The major difference is the fantasy setting, that almost feels like a rip-off of Tolkien's work, most notably The Hobbit, with all the elves vs. orcs conflict, the dwarves living under the mountain, the talking dragon guarding a treasure, etc. It misses some gnomes, though...

This means that instead of slashing through hordes of pinky demons, lost souls or hellhounds, here you fight against rats, ghosts and (lots of) orcs, obviously.

There are some improvements, too. Now you can see the enemies life bar, which is always nice, and the graphics are better, with stalactites on the ceilings and a cool panoramic effect of the camera when you enter certain divisions.

But the best thing about this game is its extremely addictive gameplay, that will keep you coming until you reach the very end... which happens too soon (I think Doom was longer). This means that you'll soon be craving for the sequel, so let's hope it doesn't take too long to be released.

So...what are you still doing here? Go play this game now!

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New Super Mario Bros. DS Walkthrough & Guide

Who said 2D platformers were dead? Who? Well, he's dead wrong my precious... New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS, a shiny and frankly fantastic 2D platformer, not only managed to outsell everything in the video gaming industry, but also scored an impressive 89% @ metacritic. How's that for dead? Hah!

Now, to fully enjoy said masterpiece, without having to endure the difficulties we retro gamers were used to, here's a list of helpful links for your gaming pleasure:
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free PSP game: Galactic Breakout

When Steve Wozniak built the Breakout arcade prototype for Atari he knew he was breaking technological boundaries, but probably never imagined just how popular this simple yet elegant digital ball game thingy would prove to be. Now, ages later and after countless ports, imitations, indy/shareware adaptations and the spawning of Arkanoid, Breakout has finally found it's way to the PSP in the guise of Galactic Breakout.

Galactic Breakout is a vastly updated Breakout sporting some brilliant graphics, nice music, an appropriately silly plot and -roughly- the same classic addictive Breakout gameplay. What's more, it's absolutely free and you can download it here. Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, it's a Sony PSP game.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. coming to Mobile Phones

STALKER, the darkly brilliant Ukrainian PC shooter and one of the few games with Tarkovsky references, is coming to our very excited mobile phones. Yes, one of the most demanding, ambitious and intricate PC games is making the jump to the small(est) screen. And of course gets a complete redesign in the process.

The game will still feature an impressive 3D engine, but with a full-blown RPG aspect, some very Fallout-esque map navigation and the same vast gaming world filled with NPCs (around Chernobyl of course) to explore. Expect it this September from EA.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Elite Beat Agents - Video Review

You see? I told you I was gonna go all out for this game!

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Elite Beat Agents Commercial

OH! MY! GOD! This game has got me itching for a purchase! Despite being enthused by Tomb Raider Legend when I first scored it, my current obsession with RE4 Wii edition has precluded any gameplay on any other system. Therefore, TRL has remained unplayed since my initial first outing...

However I can see it being further eclipsed by this new title...

The tune in the advert is enough to get me stoked! (BTW what is that????) I love it!

Anyway, this could turn out to be my new DS obsession...

I'll have to harvest my vast unplayed game collection for trade in value, but I'm getting it! Sooner, rather than later!

Watch this space!!!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Singer IZEK Gameboy Controlled Sewing Machine!

Lawks-a-lawdy! Would you believe it? In the year 2000, sewing machine giants Singer, teamed up with Nintendo, to produce a revolutionary piece of tailoring equipment. The Singer IZEK was compatible with the Gameboy, which came bundled with the machine!

The Gameboy could be utilised to create stitch designs, which could then be automatically read and copied by the machine! Clever stuff eh? This is perhaps the most obscure piece of gaming technological linkage that I can think of! the Gameboy camera and printer was good, the Gameboy MP3 well ahead of its time, but the Gameboy sewing machine peripheral? Genius!

I found out about this on the rather wonderful Retro Thing. I suggest you nip over and take a peek!

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Oric 1 & Oric Atmos emulated on Pocket PC

Better focus on the Oric Atmos methinks, as it was a) the better machine b) an upgraded Oric 1, that was once voted Best Computer in France. Oric Atmos was a rather typical 8-bit micro of the 80s with an 6502A processor, colour graphics (well, 8-colour mostly, but that was ok), proper keyboard, a disk-drive and an amazing version of BASIC. To find out more read this vintage Your Computer Atmos review or hop over to Oric World.

Apparently there were also lots of good video games released for the machine. Them you can play on your Pocket PC, provided you download the freeware PocketOric emulator. Oh, and visiting this page and scrolling down a bit will give you a rough idea of what to expect from Oric software.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus Revealed

And hopefully it will be a major improvement on the mediocre first MGS appearance on the Sony PSP. Marvel at the screens above, prepare your PSP for more stealthy action and click here for screenshots and a trailer.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A pocket gamer's history

Well, since I'm quite busy right now, instead of starting my new blogging adventure with a kick ass review of some game, I'm going to talk about my past in portable gaming, so that you know exactly what experience I have in the field.

It all started when I was 10 or so, when my parents bought my a Game Boy Color, just like the one in the picture.

I think I actually still remember the games I had. The first one was Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, an "ok" platformer that was hard as hell. Then came one of the most addictive games I've ever played, Pokemon Red. I remember spending the breaks at school playing that game, and even arriving late to the next class because I had to finish that battle in order to save. Also, the game was entirely in English and since I was still a kid back then I actually had to ask my English teacher about what some guy that didn't let me pass was saying.

Moving on, I can't recall exactly what games I got next, but I do remember having Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 3 or something, one of the most disappointing games I ever bought (yes, my parents only bought the gameboy, I still had to spend my own money on the games), and Looney Tunes Collector, one of the best games I've played on my Gameboy, very long yet very entertaining.

Then I sold the Gameboy, mainly because I moved on to other systems and never had another portable console, until 2 years ago, when I bought my first N-Gage (I bought a second one later, since the first one had a bad experience with the washing machine). Oh, and the pleasures that ill-fated system gave me! It had few games, but at least most of them were really good games, like the awesome version of Ghost Recon, the brilliant strategy game Pathway to Glory, or the excellent conversion of Splinter Cell (which was actually my first review to be published on PTGamers).

(my N-Gage was like the one in the picture)

Since I'm talking about PTGamers, after I began collaborating there, I kind of was held in charge of the N-Gage section, writing almost all of the reviews for the system, and this kind of job has it's benefits, you know? Like, for example, although Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands was only released in October or something, I was already playing the final version in August. Fuck yeah!

Unfortunately my 2nd system passed away in a beautiful morning on May, but in the meantime I bought myself a brand new Nokia 6151, which I've been using to play some brilliant Java games, and, along with the beautiful VisualBoy Advance emulator, is my only way to play portable games.

So expect my upcoming posts to be all about phone and GBA games. Hope I'll write something soon.

Until then, good bye and good (mobile) games ;)

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Gaming on the Go expanding!

A new name will soon be added [Update: done!] to the marquee of this very on the go blog, for a prolific writer and compulsive gamer has agreed to join us. Ladies and Gentlemen, Damen und Herren, let me introduce NebachadnezzaR! Yes, the same that's already writing for the hallowed Sega Saturn Junkyard. The guy behing this blogger profile.

Welcome on board mate!

PSPe the first Sony PSP emulator

The PSPe, a very simple very freeware and still under development emulator, is the only way I know of to run PSP games on your PC. Thing is though, what with the emulator still in its infancy, that these games just have to be of the homebrew/demo variety, as commercial game compatibility hasn't been implemented yet. Still, it's a handy little program to check the quality of them homebrew games you download before transporting them to the actual console (or UMD). Download PSPe here.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sony PSP 2.0 unveiled!

And it really isn't that exciting, is it? I mean look at it.. It's just a slightly smaller PSP, that will offer 64MB of internal memory as opposed to 32MB of the original, the same bright screen and complete AV connectivity. Oh, and it will be able to recharge via the USB connection. Interested? Well, better find out more @ GameSpot.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Orcs and Elves Nintendo DS & Mobile sequel

Orcs and Elves, the acclaimed mobile phone RPG by id software, the same that was voted Best Mobile Game of 2006 and collected tons of E3 prizes, will be getting a sequel. Yes, EA announced so. Expect Orcs and Elves 2 to be available some time before the upcoming holiday season.

As for the Nintendo DS, well, it will be getting its very own Orcs and Elves game too, courtesy of EA, id and Fountainhead.

Legendary John Carmack even noted that "Orcs & Elves was a perfect fit for the DS. We were able to take excellent advantage of the 3D hardware and unique user input capabilities, and expand the game to include a lot of wonderful features that we just couldn't fit on the cell phones. Orcs & Elves II is a polished gem of a game for the mobile platforms, opening up new parts of the world to explore, while carrying forward and improving all the elements that were loved about the original game".

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Machines at War Pocket PC RTS

More quality gaming for your (and my) beloved PDA, as the much anticipated Machines at War RTS has just been released. Check it out, get yourselves the demo or order it here. The game sports some mighty impressive production values, standard RTS interface, great graphics, over 40 building and unit types, 30+ techs to research, 7 landscape types and tons of randomized maps to keep you hooked.

The Pocket PC version requires 10 MB of free space, a version of Windows Mobile 2003 and is fully VGA, Square and QVGA compatible. Windows XP and Mac versions will soon follow.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Konami to release Contra 4 DS

Contra 4 will be bringing the hallowed franchise back to its 2D roots and into the hands of Nintendo DS owners, complete with amazing graphics and fast-paced two-screen gameplay. Happily, the first previews are glowing, whereas the first gameplay videos are simply beautiful.

The game, obviously a sequel to Contra 3: Alien Wars, will be released by Konami and should hit shelves before the end of 2007.

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Resident Evil 2 GBA Video

What you see above is all that's left of Resident Evil 2 for the Nintendo GBA, a most ambitious project, that sadly never made it to production. The video is a tech demo by Raylight Studios and one using the Blueroses Engine. Almost PlayStation quality, innit? Shame about the lack of space of your average GBA cartridge...

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ultimate Mortal Kombat NDS trailer

Interesting, isn't it? Well, so is Destructoid's write-up of the game. Oh, and according to Joystiq Ultimate Mortal Kombat should be hitting (hard) your Nintendo DS this November. IGN on the other hand has this lovely Ed Boon interview to offer.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Proper Dragon's Lair DS gaming

Freeware NDS homebrew ports of Don Bluth's arcade classic aren't good enough for you, are they? You just have to be a good consumer and pay full price for yet another version of Dragon's Lair, eh? Well, fret no more. Dragon's Lair is indeed coming to the Nintendo DS and will sport enough new features to make you crave it, while retaining the beautiful hand-drawn graphics that have made everyone love it for a couple of decades.

Find out more (and gawk at tons of screenshots) over at Destructoid or read an enlightening interview with the devs at IGN. Better yet, remember where your Amiga is stashed and relive those non-gameplay jaw dropping moments of DL frustration.

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The Atari Flashback Portable

At last! No more handmade (but brilliant) Atari 2600 handhelds that cost a fortune, for the Atari Flashback Portable will soon be here. The console -unearthed by the cunning blog that is Joystiq- will be a portable version of the popular Atari Flashback (hopefully its 2.0 version) console, meaning it will be a way to enjoy Pitfall, Space Invaders, Berzerk and tons of other classic 2600 games on the go.

The Atari Flashback Portable, the prototype of which is what you see above, will run for 15 hours on 3 AAA batteries and will feature a 320x240 LCD screen. Oh, and it will sport some nifty AV-out capabilities, thus enabling lovely big screen retro gaming. Apparently, there will also be some USB connectivity, but this might just be a prototype only thing.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

GBA gets a retro-remade Barbarian

Ever since the days of the Amstrad CPC 6128 I sucked at Barbarian by Palace Software (read a review), yet never really managed to dislike its brutal, fast-paced and highly tactical gameplay or the more skillful friends that kept decapitating my hopeless onscreen persona. Thankfully though, I might just get another chance at beating Drax, as released a freeware and quite impressive retro remake of Barbarian for the hallowed GBA, complete with reworked graphics and sound. Download it here.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tomb Raider Legend DS Screenshots (& Preview)

I recently acquired a new mobile phone (Nokia N73) which has a rather lovely Tomb Raider game demo on it. However, I seem to be technologically cursed at the moment, with all my gaming devices playing up. I can't download games on my new phone (I wanted to download the full version of Tomb Raider and the God Of War game flagged up by Gnome a couple of posts ago).

Not being the most patient of creatures, I needed a Tomb Raider fix instantly, so it was off to Gamestation to trade in Phoenix Wright and Tony Hawks Downhill Jam, for something that might float my boat, in a Lara Croft way.

I've only dipped into Tomb Raider Legend but already I love it! It has been criticised for its graphics, but to me they are beautiful. The gameplay is flowing, flawless and instinctive. I'll post a proper review when I've played it a bit more, but for now, have a look at these lovely screenshots and see what you think... Lacklustre? Mediocre? Average? I think not...

Oh and for more of the same please look here...

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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough & Guide

So, you gotta catch 'em all, don't you? Pesky anime annoyances... Anyway, as Pokemon Diamond and of course Pokemon Pearl have proved immensely popular there's a ton of helpful articles flying around the web. Here's a compilation of the very best for your Pokemon training RPG pleasure:
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More free wallpapers for your PSP

And all of them quite fine too. Provided you're into the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, Mario, GTA, the abomination that are Paris Hilton photographs or Angelina Jolie, that is. Anyway, have a look. It won't cost you a thing.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Dead Head Fred PSP

Intrigued? Interested in getting an almost in-depth look at this noirish Sony PSP action-adventure? Care for more CVG exclusive screenshots? Care for rat? Tired of pointless questions? Lovely. Click here then.

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The free Lemmings DS project: an update

Independent Gaming, this holiest of indy and freeware gaming blogs, noticed a rather interesting bit of news: Lemmings DS, the freeware Nintendo DS port of Psygnosis' classic save-'em-up, has gotten itself all updated. It now features almost 300 levels, covering the original Lemmings, the Oh No! More Lemmings sequel and every Xmas Lemmings level ever released. Get it here.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

R-Type Tactics PSP screens

Lovely, aren't they? Well, it was through Kotaku I found out all about them glorious new R-Type Tactics screens Irem released. See them all here. As for the game itself, it's going to be a very promising blend of strategy-shmup action and probably play something like a turn-based version of classic R-Type. With glorious graphics and on the go, that is.

R-Type Tactics, you see, will be one more addition to the rapidly expanding Sony PSP library of excellent, quirky & interesting games I simply have to play. Oh, and there's a preview over at IGN. They seem quite a bit eager themselves...

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Insecticide Gameplay Trailer (Nintendo DS)

Apparently Insecticide for the Nintendo DS is just another 3D platformer and one that doesn't look that impressive either. Damn! Still, all hope is not yet lost, as it might just turn out to be great in the gameplay department or even feature those rumoured adventure elements. Then again, there's also the PC version of the game to look forward too...

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God of War: Betrayal Review (of the meta-post-sort)

Taking Kratos to the small screen, striping him of his 3rd dimension and guiding him via a fiddly mobile phone keyboard doesn't necessarily sound like the wisest of ideas. Yet, Sony went on did it anyway by releasing God of War: Betrayal (official site), a 2D side-scrolling fighter that feels like a game of the 16-bit era and is chronologically set between God of War and God of War II.

According to the brilliant -and apparently glowing- reviews by IGN (9/10) and (5 stars) the main triumph of the game is that it actually feels and plays like a proper God of War game. It's gory, action based, filled with combos and featuring some nasty special weapons, that can be powered up, as can Kratos' magic abilities. What's more, both sites found the level design of all 10 levels excellent & deep and the graphics quality way above average.

Now, while we're waiting for more reviews to come in and a chance at actually playing the thing, you could watch the trailer and learn a bit more here or read the hands-on preview 1up already posted.

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