Thursday, March 01, 2007

The freeware Zelda DS

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass it's not, but it's out now, it's free and it's a Zelda game you can enjoy on your Nintendo DS. It's Lupi's brilliant homebrew Zelda DS demo. Swiftly download it here before Nintendo notices.

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  1. Yes more freeware! But getting it dear Gnome getting it... seems third party peripherals are needed, and they seem both technical and costly... Which is why I swapped my DS wifi connector for Sonic Rush DS and Project Rub DS (the latter now retailing for a paltry £4.99...)

  2. 5 ponds only? Wow. The cheapest one I found today in Athens was 19 whole euros.... Sorry, 'bout the freeware thing though...

  3. No dear boy tis just they all look soooo good! I'm rubbish at technology and rubbish at waiting for things... = very frustrating! the problem is all mine don't you fret about it...

  4. Very well then... guess I can now go on and post tons of freeware porn Ds games then ;)