Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nintendo DS homebrew for the masses

DS Emulation, a brilliant source for Nintendo DS news and the site that discovered the Nitro Hax Action Replay clone for the DS, found the way to introduce the revolutionary masses to the NDS homebrew scene: Games n' Music. It's a cheap and easy to use device, happily bundled with quite a few games too, that will finally help people enjoy the tons of DS freebies floating around the Internet.

Here's all the info you'll ever need:

Home brew games and music on the move with your DS!

With Games ‘n’ Music, you can put your Nintendo DS or DS Lite at the centre of your digital lifestyle. You can use it to launch home brew games written for the DS and readily available on the Internet, listen to your happening sounds with the device’s integrated MP3 player or even watch videos. And you don’t need to modify your console to use it…

Games ‘n’ Music comes with a 128MB Micro SD card for you to store your games and data, and if that’s not enough, just slip in a new card and expand its capacity to up to 2GB. It’s really easy to use too. Just fit the Micro SD card into the USB adapter (supplied), plug it into your computer and drag and drop your files onto the card. It’s that easy!

Games ‘n’ Music contains everything you need straight out of the box. It even comes bundled with a 25-game CD, offering some of the best games the DS home brew scene has to offer, as well as a video conversion program for your PC (Windows XP or later required) to convert your movies and video clips to a format you can play back with Games ‘n’ Music. It’s the ultimate in digital entertainment!

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  1. In the US, that retails for $39, which is a couple of dollars lower than other slot 1 carts. My M3 Simply was $44 and included NO Micro SD, not even 128MB. (I added a 1GB Micro SD for $25.)

    At least, that price tells me that they're probably charging almost nothing for those 25 homebrew games.

    The catch about hardware is that the code that is used to create the homebrews needs to be updated to support that hardware. The DLDI library is where that usually needs to happen. And that library does not include support for this cart . . . yet.

    The company probably modified those 25 games to work on their hardware, though I could be wrong.

  2. Hmmm, that's very interesting guttertalk... I do believe you're right too, but just to make sure and see if it works as simply as that, I might give the thing a try and let you know.

    As for the homebrew games, well, they most probably are freeware, I guess.

    Thanks for *another* useful & insightful comment. Cheers!

  3. I've bought one! Freeware and homebrew here I come!

  4. Great! Great! Oh, and please do review it....

  5. I have RE DS, Rub Rabbits (Project Rub)and Sonic Dash to review! I love my DS!

  6. I've got a lot of stuff to report back on my friend including the wonderful Outrun Europa for Game Gear. Now here's the quandry...
    as I've now got my Master System adaptor for my Game Gear and can play Master System games on my GG, can I now do the Master System Monday thing on this site instead of the SJY?

    Oh and I pick up my DS homebrew thingy tomorrow from the Post Office...

  7. Of course you can Father, of course you can... It will be great. Actually you can stuff on the site without asking... Obviously... Just let me know about the homebrew thingy too, please.

  8. Damn I missed the Post office... Will have to wait till tomorrow...

  9. Oh, dear, but how could you Father? How could youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...