Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Nintendo DS goes retro adventuring

Already a loving home for such brilliant adventures as Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright and the GBA version of Broken Sword the Nintendos DS just got one step closer to becoming the ultimate adventuring on the go console. It got an excellent port of ScummVM, the cunningly named ScummVM DS, that will allow it to run all those classic adventures created by Lucasarts (Lucasfilm) back in the good days of Ron Gilbert and Tim Shaffer. Ahh, the days... Anyway. Download ScummVM DS here and don't forget to read the advice on how to get the thing to properly run.

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  1. Gnome I'm saving up for a plane ticket to get you to England and then I'm going to lock you in a room with my DS and then I'm not going to let you out till you've downloaded all the shiny things you keep presenting us with...

  2. Plane? no way dear Fk. I will probably be coming to Manchester some time (during the next 1,5 years) but definitely not by plane...

  3. Teleporter? Time machine? Black hole? Dimensional portal? And do make it sooner rather than later... I'll be living on the street in five years... Clutching my Treamcast and a bottle of absynthe...

  4. I was thinking about using one of those nice train thingies, actually. safer really, but quite time consuming... Oh, and keep some absynthe for me. I'll bring the sugar.