Thursday, February 22, 2007

Simpson's Road Rage GBA Review

Well having decided I needed a night away from Resident Evil Code Veronica, I thought I would post something on the best god damn "handheld" gaming site on the web.

(This one of course!!...)
Having read Gnome's almost encyclopaedic, interesting witty and insightful posts about homebrew, freeware, retro and innovation in the world of the hand held, I looked deep into the recesses of my Zombie pickled brain and found... Bugger all!

T'was then that I decided to hatch a cunning plan... I would buy a new game for the Gameboy Advance for cheap at Gamestation. I would then play it on my DS, thus giving me something to actually review, a chance to dust off my beautiful little Nintendo hand held console that had remained unplayed since I abandoned X Men DS after Christmas, and a valid reason for having my name attached to GGOTG...

So without any further ado, I sneaked off to GS, and scoured the retro cabinet for something worth scoring... The choice on offer was abysmal... I mean truly terrible, but I settled for 'Simpson's Hit & Run' .

So I got it home sneaked past the Mrs. and Hey Presto! Its.... GREAT! I had no idea about this game but it's essentially 'Crazy Taxi' but with the Simpsons!

Jump in the family Sedan, pick up such characters as The Sea Captain or Moe and take them to their desired location in the quickest possible times to amass the most $$$!

There are various modes to play on which include:

Road Rage (the basic "arcade" style version of the game)
Performance (skills)
Mission Mode (playing through set tasks in a specific order against the clock)
And 'Head to Head' (racing against an opponent using the GBA "Gamelink" cable. )

I basically bought this as a means to an end... I wanted something to write about!
However, as luck would have it, I managed to score myself a very decent game (and at a fraction of the price that you would pay for the Crazy Taxi re-issue on the inferior PSP...)

But it also made me think... The DS is the most current console I have and my games repertoire is shit! I play more Game Boy games on it than DS ones.. It extends to Ridge Racer DS...

X Men DS

...and my son's games... Nintendogs, Cats and Ping Pals! Oh and a SpongeBob game...

Pitiful really...

What I really want is Resident Evil Deadly Silence... Or do I? OR DO I??????
OR DO I????

Do I really want a port of the original Resident Evil when I have a version of that game for the Saturn and have never played it to it's conclusion?

Do I really want to immerse myself in another chapter of the S.T.A.R.S. odyssey when the first two I have played have turned me into an obsessive, twitching, Zombie-paranoid, flinching hermit?

No, for the same price I could get the wonderful and innovative Hotel Dusk or Phoenix Wright... Graphically original and intriguing in their formats... Hopefully a new dawn of DS gaming is coming my way...

Won't you join me on my journey? (Cue cheesy ending music...)

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  1. An excellently surreal post dear Father. Now, visit and I'll buy you a beer and RE DS.


  2. Nice post, despite Simpsons not being particularly fun.

  3. Cheers Gnome! The beer is well appreciated... I'm supping it now...
    The post is surreal? it was meant to be Dada-esque... damn!

    Greg. O thanks for the feedback! I thought the Simpsons GBA game was pretty good though! (I haven't played it extensively...)

    Am I right in comparing it to Crazy Taxi?

  4. Well, early surreal really, thus quite close to Dada I guess, but it's always been a fuzzy distinction... Still, top post!

    Sure you'd enjy the RE too... Heh...

  5. You should purchase Animal Crossing: Wild World so we can come and ransack your town :-)

  6. A nasty little idea...