Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sonic Rush DS BETA

The brilliant retro loving obscure stuff hunters over at Hidden Palace have found, captured, tamed and finally released a BETA of Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS. It's the single level demo first witnessed in E3 2005. Get it here. For free.

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  1. Does this differ from the other version of Sonic Rush (other than it being free of course!)

    What does Beta mean? Please enlighten me oh worthy Gnomeness!

  2. Well, your fathereness, dear Mega Krishna Father, a Beta is an almost finished version of a program, that is released prior to the finalized software hitting the shelves. It's thus usually more buggy and slightly diferent, as features can still be added/subtracted.

    Therefore this version is a) free b) one level long c) might sport slight differences.

    Hope that helped...