Saturday, April 07, 2007

Call of Duty 2 Pocket PC Demo

I'm sure you all remember that aspyr was about to release Call of Duty 2 for Pocket PC, bringing the tapping power of the stylus to a proper WW2 FPS. Uhm, you do remember, don't you? Well, regardless. The game (CoD 2) has been released and if you follow this cunningly underlined link you'll be able to treat yourselves to a fine free demo of the game.

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  1. Not one to jump on the moralistic 'video games are bad' band wagon, I do worry about WWII games exploiting the historic event without paying tribute to the human cost of war. If I was more sober I'd expand on this point. DOH!

  2. Actually you're right. Wouldn't it be nice to have an Iwo Jima or Apocalypse Now video game? Imagine the power of the message... A brilliantly wise idea FK!