Sunday, April 08, 2007

The PSP emulates the Atari 7800. How nice.

You know, the Atari 7800 wasn't such a bad console after all. It featured some pretty decent NES inspired controllers, relatively powerful but cheap hardware and a decent collection of games. Don't believe me? Well, you could try visiting the Atari 7800 Page and even the 7800 Wikipedia entry, or, better yet, try a more hands-on approach...

How? Simple, really. Download the excellent PSP7800 Atari 7800 emulator for the Sony PSP and enjoy Atari retro gaming moments on the go. The emulator is of course free and lots of Atari 7800 ROMs can be found right here (just scroll down a bit). Enjoy. I'm sure The Elderly Gamer would approve.

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  1. approve? i could kiss you... well if you could just rewind my psp version number (

    hands gnome maddeningly updated psp.....)

  2. I think dear Dark Alex could do such a miracle... Search for him...

  3. Elderly! Are you regretting the PSP choice or are you still fiercely Sony?

  4. Nice idea, but won't buy a PSP ;)