Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel - Review

Actually it's not any review, but more of a video retro review by the very wise, very talented Mr. Robotbling. Oh, and Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel was one of the few killer apps besides the Pokemon games to ever grace the short-lived Game Boy Color.

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  1. Nice! If I had a Gameboy color I would own this game...

    If I had a Porche I would drive it..

  2. Porsche that is dammit ..!!

  3. I'd say it should be ported to the DS but they'd probably just bugger it up.

  4. By a strange quirk of coincidence my youngest son has abandoned his DS today to play Pokemon Silver on my Pink Gameboy Colour! Kids today, I ask you...

  5. Absolutely impossible to figure 'em out, right? now, snatch the DS.