Friday, June 15, 2007

(No) Objection!: Phoenix Wright DS Review

As regular readers of this esteemed blog will know, I recently became royally pissed off with Resident Evil DS and its crippling lack of save points. Despite being a great game, it finally frustrated me so much, that I traded it in, with the intention of getting a game as far from Resident Evil as I could find...

This turned out to be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney. Produced by Capcom, this game really is a unique and innovative title. Playing somewhere between an interactive cartoon or novel, you assume the role of rookie lawyer Phoenix 'Nick' Wright. (Although Phoenix is as much sleuth as he is 'legal eagle'.)

Assisted by a supporting cast of colourful allies and villains, Phoenix has to solve, five individual cases that somehow inter-link with each other... Before any courtroom drama ensues, Phoenix has to investigate the circumstances of each case, solving puzzles, looking for clues and collecting evidence.

He then has to dissect this evidence in court and challenge his nemesis, Prosecuting Attourney Miles Edgeworth, in front of a bungling judge. Like all good crime stories there are many twists and turns, surprises and shocks. The whole affair has a great deal of humour, generated by the quirky characters. Whilst all verbal exchanges appear as text, slapstick sound effects and the bang of the judges 'gavel' at crucial moments, give the game an ambiance of 'cartooniness'.

Two phrases that are spoken regularly during the game however, are "OBJECTION!" and "Take That!", which can be shouted into the DS microphone during tense courtroom moments.

The pace of the game is just right, and one of the best features is that you can (hear this Capcom!) save at any time!

The features of the DS are fully utilised, so there is lots of rubbing, pointing and moving objects with the stylus, whilst the previously mentioned shouting into the mic is eclipsed by the blowing off of fingerprint dust, when investigating a crime scene! The two screens are utilised very well indeed (see screenshots...)

The visuals are another great feature of the game... A series of still images and facial expressions, rapidly inter-changed make for simple animation. The style of drawing of characters is slightly 'manga', but also like Western cartoons.

This game was the perfect antidote to that 'other game'. For any of you DS owners out there, that feel like refreshing change and unique gaming experience, this is a must buy. Highly recommended!

Oh and for a secret message from Phoenix himself, look here...

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  1. OMG! The link told me to buy this game... Guess, I'll have to obey. Dear, dear.

    And an absolutely brilliant review Father... Just fantastic!

  2. Why thank you dearest Gnome! I think that game reviews are what I should stick to... Otherwise I end up posting shit and trawling the net for irrelevent pieces of crap!

  3. You're obviously kidding me Father... Not that I don't love the personal style of your reviews, but have you been keeping 3 blogs alive?

  4. Man...i just looove when he points is finger and shouts "Objection!"

    (hmm...i have a feeling there's some homo-erotic content in what i just said)

    Anyway, great review of what seems to be a great game. It's times like this i wish i had a DS...

  5. Why thank you dear Gnome! Glad you have (somewhat undeserved) faith in me...

  6. Well, Mr. N., it's about time you got one then...

    Somewhat undeserved?? What are you talking about dear Father?

  7. This being a remake of the GBA games has always put me off. But I do really wanna play it. If I see it cheap I'll be sure to pick it up.