Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Excellent free DS games right from the gutter

from the gutter is one of the select few blogs I regularly read and one of rare quality indeed. It really is. Really. Features some mighty impressive writing too. Oh, but you must absolutely visit it dear readers. I mean, really, really visit it. It's even got 2 excellent free homebrew games and 2 freeware music thingies for your Nintendo DS: Perilous Wheels, Light Bikes, Strum me and mymelods. Get them all here.

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  1. WAHEY! I managed to get Perilous Wheels onto my DS! Thank you Gnome!
    My second piece of freeware on my DS!

  2. Thank you much for the generous words and nice plug. :) I have to say that your blogs inspire me to keep plugging away.

    So, if a gnome had to choose between a fermented beverage and a game, which would he choose?

  3. You used the Music 'n' Gmes thingy, right Father?

    Dear guttertalk, thanks for the kindest of words, and I must admit I'd go for the drink... It's so hot here lately, one can never have enough...

  4. I did use that thingy but that thingy is always not that easy to use...

    Otherwise I'd have every piece of freeware available on it...

    Plus some music, plus some video...

    Still I've got 'DS lair' and 'perilous wheels' so it was worth th bread I forked out for it...

  5. Hmm, I see. I would suggest hopping over to guttertalk's blog and ask him all about DS freewares. He sure seems to know his stuff Father...