Saturday, January 27, 2007

5 excellent Pocket PC emulators

Retro gaming is fun, nostalgic, wholesome and good for your lungs. Occasionally free and portable too, as the following 5 quite excellent, definitely freeware and nicely perky emulators for Pocket PC will demonstrate. Just make sure you click the proper links...

PocketUAE -a Pocket PC port of the famous UAE Amiga emulator- is quite obviously an emulator of Commodore's impressive 7.14MHz Amiga 500 and a chance to play classic and at times graphically impressive games like Shadow of the Beast, Agony, Lemmings or Kick Off 2 on the go. Get it here.

PocketNester, another emu port, is emulating the fondly remembered, categorically classic and Wii conquering Nintendo NES. Hundreds of great games are obviously available and getting it should be pretty easy. Just click here.

PocketClive though definitely has more games to offer, as it's a freeware little program emulating non other than Sir Clive's amazing ZX Spectrum. Get it here. Your Pocket PC will appreciate it.

DOS lovers and people still dreaming of Wing Commander should try the lovely portable version of DOSbox. Simply by visiting this place (and of course by downloading and installing stuff).

Adventurers on the other hand must download SCUMMVM for Pocket PC. It will allow them to play all those lovely Lucasarts games of yore (think Monkey Island or Sam and Max), along with a few extra gems like Beneath a Steel Sky, Gobliiins and Broken Sword. Get it here.

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