Monday, January 29, 2007

How-to: Nintendo DS Homebrew

People have been asking, you know... They all started when they just couldn't get their freeware Dragon's Lair DS fix. Well, here's the answer: Nintendo DS Homebrew @ MetkuMods. Read it and learn all about the hardware, the tools, the SD cards, the software and anything else you might need in order to run (mostly freeware) homebrew games and emulators -even DS Linux- on your beloved DS.

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  1. That is a good article. Unfortunately, it's a little light on the newer slot 1 options that are coming out, such as the R4 and M3 Simply DS. They are very cheap ($45 + MicroSD card cost) and easy to use, but be aware that these currently have limitations: some games may not work or have limitations due to issues with PAlib (which is what is used to create games, including touchscreen, dual screen, audio, etc. functionality). I can't imagine a fix isn't in the near future.

    FWIW, Dragon Lair works on the slot 1 cards. :)

  2. Now, THAT's what I call a helpful comment. Thanks a ton guttertalk, really appreciate it! Cheers!


    (hope you've enjoyed Dragon's Lair)

  3. It looks like I might end up with it on my DS after all... Hurrah!!

  4. I sure wish so.. Oh, and do drop by guttertalk brilliant blog. Lots of DS stuff you'll dig father. And he's definitely more tech-savvy than the both of us...