Thursday, January 18, 2007

TV Turn On!

Well I'd hoped to show you some actual photos of my newest accquisition. You know what it is... I just blabbed it on the last post... Yes it's a TV adaptor for my Game Gear! I took some lovely photos of it on my camera phone, but when I tried to email it to the site, the network was down or something. (Or at least thats what THE MAN says...)

Anyway, I can make do with some photos ripped off Google Image, to show you this lovely piece of peripheral... The story of how I came across my Game Gear can be found here...
The way I came across my TV adaptor is easy... I went to see the lovely Mr. Kahn at Rusholme Consoles, a veritable treasure trove of Retro game gear based in Manchester.

Now the above establishment, whilst stocked with great stuff, not available elsewhere, has never been the cheapest place to boost your console collection. However, Mr. Kahn is getting out of the used console business and is selling off all his stuff at bargain prices. Being a regular and trusted customer, Mr. Kahn very generously sold me 'San Fransisco Rush 2049' for the DC for £2 (a quite rare and most excellent racing game I've been after for ages) and also a boxed up, brand new looking Game Gear TV adaptor for £15. I also got a beautiful lecture from Mr. Kahn on the commonality between Muslims, Jews and Christians. (And that was free!)

I've tried it out and it works perfectly! This must have been a phenomenal piece of kit in it's day, turning the excellent handheld games console into what was at the time, the smallest colour portable TV around. You can find out the tech spec here... Suffice to say, I am one very happy gamer. Still unlike one happy Game Gear owner who responded to the post on the Dreamcast Junkyard, I have not managed to pick up any porn on it, but a man can dream... Obviously, if I do, and believe me I'll keep trying, you'll be the first to know. right now I'm off to watch the head line grabbing Big Brother, to see what foul racist tirade that fat ugly ignoramus Jade Goody has come out with this episode. On my Game Gear. Obviously. Goodnight!

Fat racist bigot Jade Goody....

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  1. Ah! I remember this little gizmo... a guy in school had it and I think I remember us trying to watch a football game in a bus or something.

    Great post Father Krishna! Oh, and who's this Jade Goody character?

  2. Now I know you (sensibly) steer away from the type of tras reality TV that me and the Elderly hold so dear, but this particular show has made headlines from New York to New Delhi and is currently the most talked about subject in the UK and has been discussed in Parliament. Basically one 'celebrity' has lead two other 'celebrities' in racially bullying and abusing a Bollywood superstar actress, whilst under 24 hour broadcast conditions. The whole thing has brought the country to a halt and thankfully galvanised the people of Britain into a united anti-racist voice for the first time in ages...

    Jade Goody is the racist bully ring-leader and will hopefully be booted off the show tonight to face a life of obscurity and hostility...

    Hope that answers the question...

  3. It does.. in a shocking way, but it definitely does.... Still, glad to see England has anti-racist reflexes. Always good to know, that.

    Thanks for the info Father. I'm just totally avoiding the telly, well except for footy and specific films... More of a radio/web gnome really...

  4. I would not want to wake up by Jade Goody.... Thats some scary shite!!!

  5. Hmmm... so it seems...