Sunday, January 07, 2007

Treamcast! = TRansportable drEAMCAST...Geddit?

I've been feeling guilty about my lack of input to the beautiful shared project that is "GGOTG" (Gnome's Gaming On The GO...)

Whilst Gnome is definitely the Batman to my Robin, I should have contributed more to this most esteemed of sites, and supported my patron more often...

Therefore I thought I would sneak in an 'after-hours' post, about both the best console in the world... The Dreamcast... and it's 'Gaming On The Go' potential...

OK... Where to begin? Ah yes... The death of the Dreamcast... The best looking corpses are those who died young... Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Marylin Monroe and Che Guevara (to name but a few) ...

Then there are those consoles who shuffled off this 'mortal coil' before their full potential was realised...

The Dreamcast... It was the Wii of 2000... an innovative and revolutionary effort... The first true console to recognise the potential of on-line gaming... Sega's last gasp in the console market, and to me the best system ever made... (Sniff!)

But there are always those grave robber-types prepared to exploit the demise of a treasured family member for their own good...

In 2001, with the Dreamcast barely cold in it's grave, a bunch of entrepreneurs/pirates decided there was life in the old dog yet...

So with a bunch of robbed/unsold consoles on their hands some Hong Kong gangstas got their speccy-techy mates to run them up a mod that would provide the prototype for the PSP!!!

A handheld *cough!* Dreamcast! (You'd have to use both hands, and then some!)

First of all they took the Dreamcast innards out of it's casing.... Then they transported it into a newly modded plastic housing... Popped in some internal speakers and attached a flip top LCD screen...

Then they gave it a lovely little 'lap-top' type travel bag to carry it around in... The capacity to work as an MP3 and VCD player? CHECK!

A couple of Saturnesque controllers were thrown into the package - which unless swapped with standard Dreamcast controllers rendered all games un-save-able.

This little lovely was region friendly... It doesn't care whether the title you popped in it was US/Japanese, although it's not that fond of PAL titles...

As a portable system, a true 'gaming on the go' contender, I'm stretching the boundaries... Whilst the console boasted a car lighter-plug in... Meaning as a passenger you could play it in a friends car on the move... there was no re-chargeable power source within the console...

But it is by far the most beautiful item in my console collection...

To some an ugly duckling...To me a swan!!!

I love you Treamcast!!! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!

The best bit of kit I own. Want to find out more? Look here... and here... want to buy one... (I would....) look here...

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  1. Now, that's an excellent post. Again! And the first one to -at last- feature Che... Ah, Father Krishna, it's quite obvious you are the jewel, albeit a man sized one, of this blog!

    Oh, and the Treamcast isn't apparently such an expensive thingy... Nice.

  2. Great post!!!

  3. Thanks Gnome! i need to post more in 2007... It will be my goal...

    Cheers anonymous!!

  4. Cheers father! Cheers anonymous! Cheers meself!

    Re-read the post actually... Quite brilliant, indeed.

  5. Well cheers again! (Anonymous was you wasn't it Gnome? You were just trying to make me feel better...)

  6. Cheers again, and I'm not anonymous! Elderly perhaps?