Friday, October 29, 2010

Giana Sisters on iTunes

When the Great Giana Sisters, an excellent Super Mario inspired platformer, was released back in the 80s, the all-mighty Nintendo made sure it never had a chance to compete. It even made sure that all copies were pulled from retail. Still, the Giana Sisters being a fantastic game lived on in myth and the heads of retro gamers and are now making quite a comeback. 

Simply follow this very link and grabbed a reworked version of the game with brand new graphics and sounds, that lovingly sports the original version as an unlockable. Giana Sisters is available for the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Play Warcraft on your Caanoo

WarcraftThe original Warcraft, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, was the RTS that put Blizzard on the gaming map, ages before it evolved into an MMORPG-crafting corporate behemoth. What's more, Warcraft was more than jsut a Dune II rip-off and I'd easily consider it one of the more interesting RTS offerings I've ever enjoyed. Oh, and you can play it on the go too, provided of course you own a Caanoo, have access to the games original files and click here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speedball 2: Evolution

Sensible Soccer (and of course SWOS) was the best football game ever designed and thus the best two-player game to make it to the Amiga; an achievement contested only by the almost equally excellent Speedball 2. Then again Speedball 2 was the better looking offering and still plays a mean, futuristic, violent ball game. Oh, and will apparently evolve itself to Speedball 2: Evolution for the iPhone, iPad, Android and a few more portable platforms.

The following teaser does look promising, though I must admit that most recent attempts at updating the game were rather disappointing. Oh, well, at least it comes with a proper Bitmap Brothers logo this time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Indie Kindle Gaming

I can officially admit to being this close to actually grabbing a Kindle. Not only is that amazing e-reader about to get its brand new text adventures, but indie developers have already started coming up with interesting ideas for its crisp black & white display. Amazon has already launched its devkit and (as discovered by the pretty excellent develop site) the first indie game has already appeared on the device. It might not look incredibly innovative -it is another match three game as you can see on the pic posted above- but it certainly is promising. And I do love them black & white graphics.

Monday, October 04, 2010

ZX Nostalgia. Adventure edition vol.1

Seems like everyone's favourite 8-bit home micro, the ultimate game machine of the 80s, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, is experiencing a revival on the iPhone and the rest of Apple's iDevices. No, really. The seemingly excellent ZX Nostalgia. Adventure edition vol.1 has just made it to the App Store, is compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iTouch, looks brilliant, and is offering some of the best adventures the Speccy has ever seen. You can get the adventury ZX Nostalgia here.

The app allows you to play some classic Zenobi text adventures (find out more about Zenobi here). It is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPod and runs at 100% full speed on all models., whereas both sound and multi-touch control are supported. It is also possible to play in either portrait or landscape mode. As for the games included, well they are some of the best Zenobi ever published:
- A Stroll In The Bleak Forest (1989)
- An Everyday Tale Of A Seeker Of Gold (1986)
- Behind Closed Doors 1 (1988)
- Behind Closed Doors 2 (1988)
- Behind Closed Doors 3 (1989)
- Bulbo and The Lizard-KIng (1987)
- Bulbo Pics (1987)
- From Out Of A Dark Night Sky (1988)
- Fuddo and Slam (1987)
- Fuddo Pics (1987)
- Just One Of Those days (1988)
- Retarded Creatures and Caverns (1989)
- The Balrog and The Cat (1988)
- The Goblin Gazzzette (1988)
- The Goblin Gazzette 2 (1989)
- The Secret Of Little Hodcome (1986)