Saturday, June 13, 2009

Golden Sun DS

Thought this place was dead? Well, think again! :D Let's delve back into the hand-helds, shall we?

The near future of the big portable systems (DS and PSP) was unveiled last week at E3, and Nintendo's conference was easily the week of the big three. There were a couple of interesting announcements, but between a new Super Mario Galaxy, a...meh...port of the DS's New Super Mario Bros., and a new "vitality sensor" for the Wii, that let's you feel like you're in the hospital on life-support while you play, the DS's future didn't seem that bright (unless you're into the tween games, in that case prepare to be overwhelmed...). That is...until this beauty was announced!

Golden Sun DS, bitches!!!

Oh, am I excited! The original Golden Sun is only one of my favourite jRPG's of all time! Unfortunately I never played the sequel, The Lost Age, but I guess now's a good time to correct that. Can't wait! :D

BTW, there was another big announcement, but I'll save that to another post ;)