Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II (DS)

Happy 2009 everyone, and let us all quickly overcome that dreadful 2008. Oh, and for the RPG loving crowds that own a Nintendo DS, here are a couple of the latest screenshots of Legacy of Ys: Books I & II (by Atlus):

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II DS

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Call Of Duty 4 (DS!!!)

The device I alluded to in my Ninja Gaiden post is called "Top Toy" apparently. Yes I know it's a sucky title for a quite sophisticated piece of tech, but at the moment it means I've got the lovely COD4, the affore mentioned Ninja Gaiden and indeed, a quite lovely Metroid Prime type thing... (Hunter?) And all for free folks!!

Call Of Duty 4 is pretty neat, aiming with the stylus and picking off insurgents. It's as good as one could hope for in terms of squeezing a 360 FPS classic onto our little two screen favourite...

But as my touch screen is totally shot, making the stylus thing a tad awkward, I'm enjoying a little Gameboy love by playing the rather fabulous GBA version of Tony Hawk's Pro- Skater 2.

Oh and on the old phone it's Tomb Raider: Underworld. Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Mega Man!

Lately I've been entertaining myself with the Mega Man series. It was the first time I played one of those hallowed games but, as it's becoming somewhat of an habit of mine, I didn't just stick with one or two games, much like what I did with Contra I'm trying to play and beat every game. Or at least most of them, since I'm not really feeling like playing the Gameboy versions. They seem too similar to the NES games. Still, they might be worth checking out according to these reviews.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rick gets Dangerous on the DS. For free.

Rick Dangerous Nintendo DS homebrewHere's a little something that Oddbob discovered ages ago to break the silence of this not quite deserted blog: XrickDS. Or, to use its true name, Rick Dangerous DS, a fantastic freeware retro-remake that utilizes both DS screens, sports lovely 16-bitsy graphics and even includes a version of that lovely comic book of the game. In case you have never played Rick on any of the platforms it appeared on (that would be Spectrum, CPC, C64, Amiga, Atari ST, PC and possibly more) or still have fond memories of its unfair but addictive gameplay, here's your chance. Well, here too, but it wont be portable...

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Ninja Gaiden DS

I've just got this lovely game, as well as International Track And Field for my DS. The funny thing is it's on some device like the "Games 'N' music" thingy, I bought some time back.

I bought it off one of Ginger Ninja (middle son Marty's) friends for twenty quid (£20).

Apparently it lets you rip current games off the internet, as well as view full movies on your DS.

I'd like to tell you more or even be able to name the device. But I have no clue! All I know is this is my latest DS distraction... Enjoy the vid!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PPC Knight Lite DX for free

Knight Lite DX is indeed among the better Pocket PC games available and a rather addictive action-puzzler-memory game thingy with retro-esque pixel art graphics too. Now it's also been made available for free download and you can grab yourselves a copy here. Oh, and if you lack a Pocket PC, there's an equally freeware PC version available too.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Atari 7800 on the go

handheld Atari 7800 portableinside Atari 7800 portable ben heckNot exactly pocket-sized, but definitely portable and quite a bit impressive. Also, and as is usual with these things, this portable Atari 7800 is a Ben Heck creation, sporting a shiny 7" LCD screen, an A/V output jack, rechargeable batteries and a combination driving / paddle controller. See it over at Engadget and read a bit more on it at Joystiq. Oh, and here is a detailed presentation of the portable and how it was built by Mr. Heckendorn himself.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hmm... A handheld roguelike would be nice...

handheld roguelike conceptBB Gadgets has started what could hopefully evolve into a groundbreaking discussion. A discussion that might even convince someone to actually go on and produce a cheap console for everyone's beloved roguelikes. Probably even for roguelike-likes like the utterly impressive (and incredibly power hungry) Dwarf Fortress. A discussion, as you should have already figured, about handheld consoles focused on ASCII rpgoids of the NetHack variety. Now, read on, read on...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dreamcast on PSP video

Dreamcast on PSP?

The following article appears over at the excellent Sega Nerds site, a lovely haven for all things Sega. I'll reprint the post in full, but be sure to pop over yourself. Many of the commentors on the post over at Sega Nerds, felt that the video must be a fake. Personally, if it is it's a darn good one! My other thought on that subject is who would be sad enough to spend their time faking something like that? Oh well it takes all sorts I suppose...

Anyway enjoy the article and video, and see what you think! I'll reprint their text in the usual maroon colour, so you don't think I'm trying to pass them off as my own! Here goes:
"Finally an affordable hand held Dreamcast right on your PSP?
[Update: A lot of people think that the video is a fake. In all honesty I’m not sure - it certainly had me convinced. Hopefully the guy will put up some more videos, and I shall try to do some digging in the mean time. If it’s a fake then I shall hold up my hands and say “Yeah you got me, well done.” But if it’s real then… “Woohoo!”]
We’ve seen a few hand held Dreamcasts being made over the last few years, one we reported
on quite recently.
The biggest problems with these hand helds is that you either need to be a technical/electronics wizard, or have a healthy cash flow - and buy it off those that are wizards. But it seems now you won’t need to possess much more than the Internet (which, if you are reading this, you must have already), and a PSP!
I knew that the emulation and homebrew scene has been steadily growing over the past few years, but this is the first time I have actually seen a PSP running Dreamcast games. And to be honest, I’m pretty damn excited by the concept! As you can clearly see, the video shows the PSP running Sonic Adventure 2, and it looks pretty much perfect in game play.
Unfortunately I’m not totally sure on all the information here. All that I can really tell you is that it is running on the “AutoBrew” emulation software - which supports several retro consoles, including; Ps1, N64 and (of course) Dreamcast.
Hopefully we can find some more information on this for you guys soon."

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pokemon - FireRed/LeafGreen

Despite what you might think after reading the title of this post, I'm not really a Pokemon fan. Loved the first ones, Red and Blue, (Red was actually my very first GB game) but I'm particularly hard on sequels, for me if they're just going to release a game that looks like an expansion they better release nothing at all, and as you probably know all the Pokemon games are pretty much the same. They make new areas, add a crapton of new creatures (I have a firm belief that 150 is more than enough) and a couple of new gimmicks, but deep-down it's still the same thing all over again. That's why, after playing one of the GBA games for some time and the DS games for just 5 minutes, I had given up on the series altogether. I just couldn't stand playing the same thing again and again.

Given this it's a bit ironic that that's in fact what I'm doing right now. I'll explain. Given the huge success of the first games, and seeing a new opportunity to make even more money, Nintendo decided one day to remake the first games, Red and Green (Blue was the American/European altered version of the Japanese Green version), for the GBA. This means a total facelift and some new Pokemons but with everything else intact. So, if I'm so tired of these games, why am I playing this? Simple. For once they were actually honest and told us that those are indeed the same old games, and then there's also the nostalgia factor. I loved Pokemon Red, but nowadays the GBC's graphics are hideous, and with Fire/Red I can have an old and new experience at the same time. Also, it's all familiar ground, so although things look slightly different due to the revamped graphics, I still always know where I am and what do I have to do next. It's funny, actually, to see that even after so many years I still remember such things.

Also, the game remains as addictive as ever, and that feeling of achievement everytime I catch a new creature or one of mine evolves is just great. So, if you don't like Pokemon this one is definitely going to change your mind, but for fans this is just great. For younger fans it's another new adventure and for old Poketards it's a trip to the past.

By the way, as a way to make up for my lack of posting on this most esteemed of blogs, here's a comic that parodies the beginning of this very game and here's another one that basically shows the feelings of old Poketards like me.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Sega Superstars Tennis DS

Again, my apologies for posting another video rather than actually WRITING anything of meaning, but I'm feeling very lazy at the moment. I work in a school you see, and I've only got one day to go before my half term break (nine days off!!!!) and the kids (and some of the teachers) are doing my head in.

That means I'm drinking nearly every night, I'm vegging out and I can only manage lamely throwing videos onto GGOTG. Having said that, I will post enough to say that this game is simply stunning! Running on the Virtua Tennis 3 engine, and featuring such legendary Saturn and Dreamcast characters as NiGHTS, Reala, Ulala and Beat (plus Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Dr. Eggman) the game also references such classic Sega games as House Of The Dead, Space Harrier, Chu Chu Rocket and even Alex Kidd (I can almost feel a Master System Junkyard post happening any time now...)

If, like me, anything Sega related causes a stirring in your trouser region, or if, like me truly excellent DS games make you forget those bulky consoles under your telly, then this is the game for you. The graphics are the most 'jaw dropping' I've seen on the DS and are a total tonic after the rubbish PS1 quality graphics of Brothers In Arms DS.

I wondered about which game was going to relight my DS fire after Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Well this is it! Oh and on a personal level, I love this game for being able to play without the stylus, button only style. I mashed up my own stylus control by stabbing the screen repeatedly and far too hard playing that RE:DS I just mentioned....

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

PSP vs. DS

I thought it was about time I added some content to this esteemed site, even if it was a lazy video post! For me it's no contest, it's the DS hands down. I've tried both and even though I do admire the PSP as a lovely piece of kit, I just can't get into it.

The DS has to be the winner in terms of the range of software, but then there is something very fabulous about being able to watch a movie on your PSP (I own Akira and Kung Fu Hustle for mine...)

I love the quirky and innovative features of the DS, the stylus and the mic, but then the PSP has amazing graphical abilities (check out GTA: Liberty City Stories for example.)

On the other hand, the DS has the backward compatability of being able to play every GBA title out there, which extends it's already huge software range. Then there's the homebrew scene championed by our dear friend Guttertalk... Whilst I'm aware there is one for the PSP, I think I'm right in thinking it's nowhere near as big as the DS scene...

What are your thoughts?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard

Apparently, guttertalk was correct. Etrian Odyssey II will be hitting US DSs this June and you can expect it to be a better, bigger and more hardcore update of the original featuring at least one new class. Above you can see some screens and a sample of concept art and what follows is indeed a press release:
About Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard In the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard, it is said that the Duke is descended from inhabitants of a castle in the sky. When an unforeseen crisis befalls the nation, it is decreed that the first explorer to retrieve the Grail of Kings from that mythical floating palace will be rewarded with wealth and fame beyond imagining. Enter the central city of Lagaard and begin your journey to the clouds!

Key Features
- Make the adventure yours - Rediscover true role-playing as you build your party of stalwart adventurers from 12 different classes. From basics like name and sex to advanced settings like combat formation, skills, and spells, every detail is yours to customize!
- The Odyssey continues - Experience an all-new story, more classes, improved mapping capabilities, new Force Skills, and over 100 side-quests.
- Chart your progress through the dungeons - Etrian Odyssey's innovative mapmaking tool returns with more options and features! Use the touch screen to map out the halls, chambers, treasures, and dangers of the realms you explore.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Etrian Odyssey (finally) coming to Europe

If it weren't for dear guttertalk I wouldn't have already played Etrian Odyssey to death (though definitely not to completion) and wouldn't be wearing my excited-hat while letting you know that, yes, Etrian Odyssey is finally coming to Europe. RPG fans should be terribly excited, as this is a brilliant hardcore genre offering, that beside offering innumerable hours of gameplay, also lets/forces you sketch your very own maps with the stylus. How very oldschool!

Find out more over at the Etrian Odyssey site and know that the game should be available on June 6. Oh, and Etrian Odyssey II isn't very far away either. It already hit the US you know...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video Game Take-Out #25 - Ninja Five-O

As promised, here's the latest episode of Video Game Take-Out, this time about a rather obscure GBA title (just what we like, ain't it?). Being somewhat of a Shinobi/Bionic Commando hybrid, in this game you take control of a ninja armed with a rope (probably attached to a kunai or something, but that's just my guess) that he can use to reach higher places. Sounds fun, doesn't it? I might give it a try sometime. I remember reading a very positive review back when it was released, but since then the game fell into complete obscurity. Fortunately now you can see a pretty good review of it and know exactly what you were missing, just click the picture above.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

And now for another completely different Atari 2600 handheld

Atari 2600 retro handheldA friend discovered it via Engadget and I thought I should let you retro loving lot know. The Multari after all is the most beautiful handheld version of the Atari 2600 I've ever seen, and the only one to come with 32 built-in games, a shiny 5" screen, speakers, all the necessary buttons and an almost industrial quality case. Find out more -and see how the Multari was conceived and made- over at this lovely place and/or look at it move. Lovely. Oh, and in case you were wondering it's not for sale.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Call Of Duty 4 (DS)

"So long as there are men there will be wars..." (Albert Einstein)

And as long as there are male gamers, there will be war games (apparently...)Now I've always thought of myself as a bit of a pacifist really, I was an ardent CND campaigner in the good old eighties and actively campaigned against the Iraq war when the world's biggest terrorist (George W. Junior) started flexing his muscle in the Gulf after 911...

So it was something of a surprise to myself, when I started to really enjoy wasting virtual foreign soldiers in the 360 classic, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In the past, I've restricted my gaming 'killing sprees' to fictional zombies, aliens and mutants.
I've never played 'war games'. I thought them a little crass...But seeing my two eldest sons, deriving such pleasures from COD4, and riding high on the army life of new recruit "Soap" McTavish, made it somewhat inevitable that at some point, I'd dip my toe in the waters of war... (N.B. There is no such phrase as "the waters of war", I just made it up... But Hey! Feel free to use it whenever you want!)
Well, that was the start of it, and ever since, I've been LOVING war games. I'm currently enjoying the WWII delights of Brothers In Arms DS, and looking forward to procuring the handheld port that is COD4 (DS).

Indeed, the very lovely (yet not necessarily impartial) Official Nintendo Magazine described the game thus...
"It may not have been released on the Wii, but the DS version is impressively faithful to the game available on 'other' consoles with fantastic graphics and slick gameplay."

For some reason, our sage like mentor Gnome has advised me to steer clear of this title... I'm not sure why, but maybe even he will revise his opinion when he sees the beautiful video above...
Until then, remember that "War! (Da da!) What is it good for? (Huh!) Absolutely nothin'!" '(Edwin Starr) LOL!

(Apart from being the premise for really good videogames!)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The N-Gage lives!

No, dear friends, I'm not talking about the N-Gage 2.0 game platform available for the fancier Nokia phones, but about the very first N-Gage! Confused? As you may recall from my very first post here, I had a N-Gage once. In fact I had two, since the first one had a fatal encounter with the washing machine, and I just couldn't live without the system any more. Yeah, I loved it that much. Unfortunately my 2nd one eventually died on me too, this time by itself. After a few weeks of erratic behaviour, it suddenly just refused to boot up. By the time my passion for the system wasn't that strong, so I just gave up on it and bought a new phone instead of trying to fix it.

That was until yesterday! While browsing the most excellent Racketboy forum, I stumbled upon a topic about the ill-fated system and a post in particular about a so-called WSOD (that's white screen of death). That made me think, my N-Gage was indeed dead and whenever I tried to boot it up all it showed was a white screen before turning itself off again. Could that be it? After searching trusty google for answers I discovered a lot of forums with possible solutions for the problem, including pressing an awkward set of keys while turning it on, followed by a deep reset.

I wasn't too convinced it would work, but the fact is that it did! After a long, long time of inactivity, lost in the corner of a drawer, my N-Gage still worked! At first it wasn't too stable, but after 2 deep resets and formatting the memory card, it now seems to work just fine! Whoorah! Between revisiting old classics and trying out games I missed, I'm having a blast with my favourite portable system! =D

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Yeti 3D and iPhone FPS gaming

Yeti 3D iPhoneStill not sold on the Apple iPhone really, but I have to admit Yeti 3D seems pretty... uhh... neat. It is after all a pretty decent 3D engine that has been ported to the platform. Apparently, it also allows for both landscape and portrait gaming modes, can manifest onscreen buttons and even do a variety of... uhh... other neat tricks. Have a look here.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Atari Lynx Marlboro Go

Not the best video on YouTube, I know, but still a rather interesting look at the unreleased Marlboro Go game for the Atari Lynx. Oh, and should you care to actually give it a try, you could download the prototype ROM from Atari Age and grab a free copy of the Handy Lynx emulator to run it.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Video Game Take-Out

This is what I've been keeping up my sleeve! Unfortunately it didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but hey, we can't have it all, can we? Video Game Take-Out is the creation of Ben Hall, a fellow gamer who one day decided to make videos about hand-held games, with the interesting title of Video Game Take-Out. I first had contact with it through Racketboy's forum and I quickly became a fan of it, thanks to Ben's great voice-work, game footage and the focus on more obscure games we rarely see people talking about, and I decided that it was more than worthy of being posted here on Gnome's Gaming on the Go.

Unfortunately, when I talked with him about it, he told me that I couldn't post the actual videos, due to his relationship with the site that hosts them, but that he would be more than happy if I were to write a post about a particular video and add a link to it, so here it is. Just click the picture above and you'll be taken to the Retroware TV site, where you can watch another great VGTO video, this time about the GBA version of Sega's cult hit Super Monkey Ball.

Hope you'll like it and don't forget to check out the previous episodes.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

XtenDS: Nintendo DS homebrew made easy

I wont say I actually tried fiddling with XtenDS, but I'm pretty sure you more enthusiastic homebrew game developers would probably like to give it a try, what with your rampant creativity and all that free time. After all XtenDS seems to be an incredibly easy to use program and a mostly free (shareware actually) game creator with an apparently sleek interface. You can download a copy here and perhaps let us know if it really is worth the effort.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PPC RPG (heh) Creatonia released as freeware

Creatonia Pocket PC RPGIf a top-quality RPG has been what you've been looking to enjoy on your trusted Pocket PC, well, search no more. Creatonia: Champion Uprising truly is as good as these games get and evenhas the added quality of suddenly becoming freeware! Yes, indeed! Better get downloading methinks.

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Tekken Advance For Gameboy Advance

Well dear readers, as stated in my previous post, I have been checking out my Gameboy collection since my DS screen started to die on me. Having played and rather enjoyed Street FighterII Turbo Revival, I was in the mood for some more Gameboy themed fighting goodness...

Welcome then, to the rather fabulous Tekken Advance. It's the Tekken you know and love, all scaled down and squeezed onto a single Gameboy Advanced cartridge... Made by those good fellows over at Namco, Tekken Advance features a lot (if not all) of your favourite Tekken characters (Law, King, Gunjack, Xiaoyu, Nina, Hwoarang, Paul, Jin and of course, the Soul Calibur crossover favourite, Yoshimitsu!)

One of the first features of the game that strikes you is how faithful the graphics are to the PS1 original, better even, like playing Tekken 3 on Bleem for Dreamcast. For the GBA they are simply stunning! the soundtrack and fighters trademark cries are pretty amazing too. It's perhaps the most impressive GBA port I've seen...

Disappointing, to an extent, is the ease of gameplay. On 'easy mode' its too easy, yet on 'normal mode', it's too hard! Still that's probably just me... this fighter surpasses Street Fighter II TR in my eyes. Even though you know it's not a 3D game, it feels like one... Does that make sense?

I'm still hoping for unlockable content or characters, (beating every fighter allows you to fight Heiachi, but I can't play him as a character yet) none of which are apparent so far, but I live in hope! I'd like to get another cartridge and a link cable for some versus battles with friends... Until I've anything further to report, enjoy the screenshots and links!

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Monday, March 03, 2008

The King of Zing and mobile gaming

If 250 levels of action-oriented puzzle gaming are what you are looking for and all you got to enjoy them on is your trusted phone, well, despair not! The interestingly named King of Zing phone game has just been released by Ojom complete with the aforementioned 250 levels, 3 game modes and 4 difficulty levels. Oh, and the game is as simple as controlling a bouncing ball and keeping it in play.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Screw Attack Review: Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (GBA)

I've got this game and was thrilled to see the good folks at Screw Attack give it a good review. My own handheld gaming has taken a back seat of late, but I've picked up the DS again recently, to play the very excellent Need For Speed Carbon (Own The City). However, in gaming terms, my touch screen is so screwed that my DS is fast becoming a double screened Gameboy, playable with buttons only.

So I need to have a good play through my Gameboy collection and Street Fighter II Turbo Revival seems like a good place to start! Getting a very respectable score of 9.4 from Metacritic, and a very favourable review from Screw Attack, it would seem I'm onto a winner! Enjoy The video...

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Nintendo DS homebrew games? Why, yes please.

Guttertalk, having played and rated over 250 DS homebrew -happily freeware- games, has finally decided to answer the question the masses had been dying to ask: is DS homebrew worthwhile? Follow this very linking link to find out part (part one, actually) of the answer and download a hefty compilation of some of the best free NDS games available. You'll find every taste has been catered for, as the games selection includes RPGs, strategy games, shmups, first-person shooters and everything in between.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Space Invaders Extreme PSP free demo

It's only a 5MB download and it contains some of the shiniest Space Invaders graphics you've ever seen. Also it's appropriately free. Download it from either here, here or simply here, follow the simple instructions and you'll be gaming in no time.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

The N-Gage lives again and this time it's got Yamake to support it

As Nokia is re-releasing its N-Gage gaming platform (starting with N81 and a few other phones), I thought we'd let you know the service looks more than promising. This time, you see, the N-Gage won't be a direct competitor to the DS and PSP, but more of an Xbox Live-like thingy for phones, complete with downloadable games & demos, friends lists and accomplishments. Games to appear on the platform will include Fifa 08, Tetris, Sims 2 Pets, Brothers in Arms, Worms and Dogz. Find out more and get first access here.

What's more, Nokia will also be providing the Yamake game/game-creation thingy and will attempt to pull off some proper game 2.0 and homebrew friendly tricks. How? Read on:

Yamake is a groundbreaking new game for the N-Gage platform. Players can make, play and share games that are customized using user-generated multimedia content, and we are proud to be pioneering this new way of playing,” said Dr Mark Ollila, Director of Technology and Strategy and Head of Games Publishing, Nokia. “This is exactly what the future of mobile gaming should be about – creating games that you love and want to play, then sharing them with other players.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Secret Files Tunguska (DS)

Harumph! For those of you who don't read our genial host's mainpage, this might come as a surprise... But for those of you who've already basked in this German developer's glory, this might come as a lovely treat...

Yes my friends, the point and click adventure is about to become a mainstay of the DS...

We start at a museum and a noticeboard, but to anyone who has given Phoenix Wright a try, that might be a very good place to start...

I'm feeling optimistic about this title... And I'll fight anyone who isn't!!! LOL!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Assassin's Creed For DS

Coming hot on the heels of the PS3/XBox 360 release, our favourite hand held gets a taste of time travelling Knight's Templar fighting, free running and puzzle solving. The console release got very mixed reviews, so lets hope the DS version is better. The screen shots look quite nice...

And at the very reasonable price of just £16.90 from Play Asia, you can't go far wrong...

From the publisher:

As the direct prequel of the critically acclaimed console title Assassin's Creed™, discover more of the story of Altair as he must find "the chalice", an object of such power that whoever is in possession of it can end the Crusades. Altair will explore a fully realized 3D world traveling through four cities of the Crusade's Middle East.

The game, like its console counterpart, will feature acrobatic moves and exhilarating combo attacks that mix sword skills and kicks. The setting is 1191 AD. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You, Altair, intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed has been one of the most popular games in 2007.

Immerge depper into the story with the Nintendo DS™ prequel. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles is in stock now, shipping as English language Australasia release version at US$ 32.90 only. The US Version (with a different cover artwork) is expected to arrive next week.

Game features:

*Be an Assassin: Master the skills, tactics, and weapons of history's deadliest and most secretive clan of warriors.

*Action-platforming Gameplay: Fast-paced action features swordfights, combo attacks and acrobatic moves that journey through historical 3D environments.

*Choose Your Weapon: Learn and master 11 weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks, featuring five swords, varying types of daggers, explosives and a grappling hook.

*Immersive Storyline: A deep and compelling storyline that will appeal to those who have both played the console title or are new to the franchise.

*Touch-Screen Mini-games: Players will be able to use the Stylus to perform pickpocket maneuvers to carefully steal precious items from the crowd and make informants speak.

*Upgrade and Rank Up: Collecting orbs will upgrade Altair's health and weapons.
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another Example Of Why Everyone (but me) Can Get Their Hands On A DS...

...And then not even appreciate it! Take a look at the rather piss poor "news item" below... No wonder I can't get a DS! Cretins like these have bought 'em all... GRRR!!! Oh BTW, the video was rather shamelessly nicked from the most excellent UK Resistance...

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DS Drought...

I feel somewhat shame faced, sneaking back here, when I've not posted here for bloody ages. I'm frankly ashamed of my absence. There has been reasons but I won't bore you with them now...

What I will tell you about is my recent frustration about trying to get a DS Lite for the lovely Mrs. K... having finally lured my lovely (formerly game hating) wife into our world with Brain Training 2 as part of her Christmas present, I was gobsmacked to hear her announce that she wanted a pink DS Lite of her own.

So off I trudged into the desolate wasteland that was post-Christmas Manchester, to procure her one whilst she was in the mood. No luck, every store in Manchester (and I tried all of them) had sold out... That was December 28th and I wasn't at all surprised, what with every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting one as a seasonal gift...

What is quite surprising, somewhat, horrifying some might say, is that the situation is exactly the same as we approach mid February... Not one shop is able to sell me one. There are signs up apologizing for this phenomenon, and the store clerks are unable to tell me when the situation will change... They all state that they never know when Nintendo are going to deliver! WTF is that all about?!!

So, the lovely freeware so generously flagged up by Gnome (underneath) has nowhere to go... sort of... if you get my gist... Come on Nintendo! You're raking it in! Open another factory in Europe! I bet you could get a DS in Tokyo... BAH!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Virus DS: a rather sexy freeware DS puzzle game

You filthy perverts, you! Anyway, click here and... uhm... get it. For free. In French. Without silly puns, but filled with some truly smart game mechanics.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

The allure of the Cobalt / Black DS

Destined to hit shops on February 10 2008, the Cobalt/Black DS is the latest handheld beauty to leave Nintendo's factories. Shockingly it also happens to look like another good looking DS Lite with shiny new colors and it will probably sell just as well. Apparently the Cobalt/Black DS will be the seven colour to... uhm... join the Lite family. Nice.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The solar powered Mario playing handheld

Behold the latest in quirky yet brilliant Chinese handheld consoles. Behold the Solar Powered MP4 Player 2GB - Mobile Power Station. It emulates the NES, the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color, comes complete with an e-book reader, sports 2 Gigas of memory, a built-in microphone, a proper SD-slot and rechargeable li-ion battery, and can easily play your mp3s while displaying your photos. Oh, and it's solar powered too. Lovely.

Find out more about this lovely little gadget here or order yourselves one (or more) here. It only costs 123$!

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