Friday, November 09, 2007

The Moon Book Project (DS)

The quality of the Nintendo DS homebrew scene is simply astonishing. Shocking even. Take The Moon Book Project for example. It offers classic entertainment that's both free and NDS friendly and it very obviously is part of the whole homebrew scene. Yes. Right. Well, better quote: The Moon Books Project is dedicated to bringing classic literature, films and other content freely to users of the Nintendo DS game console.

Visit the project's site here, learn how to use the media on your DS and download away. After all, who wouldn't want to read the archived works of H.G. Wells interrupted only by small sessions of Night of the Living Dead and Merry Melodies cartoons? Oh, and guttertalk would definitely appreciate them Heroes comics...

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  1. It's all free *and* legal. The movies are all public domain.

    I keep 2-3 of the movies on my DS, which I always now take with me on business trips.

    The PSP homebrew scene is pretty large, and the PSP is capable of a lot, but I think the DS folks are really enthusiastic about it. Plus, with so many DS owners, I think we'll see this kind of community support continue.

  2. Indeed they are and it seems I've got to look into the whole homebrew thing a bit more...

  3. Films on my DS and Zombie films at that... Might give it a whirl...

    Great find Gnome!

  4. Thank you oh Father. Think it should work fine with your Games 'n' Music cart too...