So, Gaming on the Go, what are you?

Well, it should be pretty obvious. Gaming on the Go -GotG- is a gaming blog focusing on all forms of handheld gaming. It covers them current mainstream consoles that are the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, keeps an eye open for the 3DS, doesn't forget older handhelds like the GBA, the Game Boy, the Atari Lynx or the Sega Game Gear, and even cares about open platforms like the Wiz, the Pandora and the Pocket PC. Oh, oh, and it seems to be quite fond of phones and iPhones too.

What's more, GotG is always trying to bring you news on the indie, freeware and homebrew fronts, while simultaneously keeping you updated on the latest mainstream handheld happenings and reminding you of the sheer excellence of Nintendo's Game & Watch series. Though mainly a news site, you should expect the odd review or feature article.

Gaming on the Go is mainly run, maintained and edited by Gnome (of Gnomeslair) with the occasional help of his dear friends and fellow gamers Nebachadnezzar and Father Krishna.