Saturday, April 05, 2008

The N-Gage lives!

No, dear friends, I'm not talking about the N-Gage 2.0 game platform available for the fancier Nokia phones, but about the very first N-Gage! Confused? As you may recall from my very first post here, I had a N-Gage once. In fact I had two, since the first one had a fatal encounter with the washing machine, and I just couldn't live without the system any more. Yeah, I loved it that much. Unfortunately my 2nd one eventually died on me too, this time by itself. After a few weeks of erratic behaviour, it suddenly just refused to boot up. By the time my passion for the system wasn't that strong, so I just gave up on it and bought a new phone instead of trying to fix it.

That was until yesterday! While browsing the most excellent Racketboy forum, I stumbled upon a topic about the ill-fated system and a post in particular about a so-called WSOD (that's white screen of death). That made me think, my N-Gage was indeed dead and whenever I tried to boot it up all it showed was a white screen before turning itself off again. Could that be it? After searching trusty google for answers I discovered a lot of forums with possible solutions for the problem, including pressing an awkward set of keys while turning it on, followed by a deep reset.

I wasn't too convinced it would work, but the fact is that it did! After a long, long time of inactivity, lost in the corner of a drawer, my N-Gage still worked! At first it wasn't too stable, but after 2 deep resets and formatting the memory card, it now seems to work just fine! Whoorah! Between revisiting old classics and trying out games I missed, I'm having a blast with my favourite portable system! =D

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  1. Three cheers for the revived N-Gage!

  2. Resurrection! Praise the Lord!!!

  3. Can you make phone calls with an N Gage?

  4. Sure! It has all the features of a s60 phone (except taking photos).