Friday, February 15, 2008

The N-Gage lives again and this time it's got Yamake to support it

As Nokia is re-releasing its N-Gage gaming platform (starting with N81 and a few other phones), I thought we'd let you know the service looks more than promising. This time, you see, the N-Gage won't be a direct competitor to the DS and PSP, but more of an Xbox Live-like thingy for phones, complete with downloadable games & demos, friends lists and accomplishments. Games to appear on the platform will include Fifa 08, Tetris, Sims 2 Pets, Brothers in Arms, Worms and Dogz. Find out more and get first access here.

What's more, Nokia will also be providing the Yamake game/game-creation thingy and will attempt to pull off some proper game 2.0 and homebrew friendly tricks. How? Read on:

Yamake is a groundbreaking new game for the N-Gage platform. Players can make, play and share games that are customized using user-generated multimedia content, and we are proud to be pioneering this new way of playing,” said Dr Mark Ollila, Director of Technology and Strategy and Head of Games Publishing, Nokia. “This is exactly what the future of mobile gaming should be about – creating games that you love and want to play, then sharing them with other players.

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  1. What the hell is Yamake?

  2. Don't be afraid to click links. Gnome doesn't link to bad things. Really.

    I'm thinking that the game platform market is close to saturated, if it isn't already. The online aspect of this might differentiate it, but it's in a way just part of Nokia's Ovi. There is no backward compatibility for previous N-Gage games. The screen appears to be slightly larger than one DS screen.

    I guess I have my cynic pants on this morning. Then again, I also think the iPhone is overrated, so what do I know.

  3. Funnyman I guess it's a word that you make when you're Nokia and probably would rather say "You Make", but it sound tacky.

    Awww, thank you so very much -once again- dear Guttertalk. Truth be said I a) don't think you're a cynic today - more of a realist b) didn't know of Ovi c) sort of liked the Tamake concept.

    Oh, and I think the compatibility with previous N-Gage games, might be achieved via downloads, thoguh to be frank not many cared about the original console/phone hybrid. This seems like a purely phone thing...

  4. I loved the original N-Gage, so I'm looking forward to this "return". Got to grab one of those N81's :)

  5. Better wait for a price-drop though. It still is a bit on the rather expensive side of phones...

  6. Oh, but I always wait for the price to drop.. a lot! Never paid more than 150€ for a phone and I'm not starting now.

    Besides, I bought my current phone just half a year ago, so I'm not going to throw it out any time soon.

  7. Very wise indeed, then.

  8. I always liked the look of those Ngage thingies. Maybe I'll make it my next phone... Still that won't be for some time and EVERY Nokia I have had has f**ked up on me in one way or another...

  9. Same thing over here Father. My Nokia phones all died horrible and early deaths they earned themselves. The latest Sony one seems to be doing fine though...