Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Screw Attack Review: Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (GBA)

I've got this game and was thrilled to see the good folks at Screw Attack give it a good review. My own handheld gaming has taken a back seat of late, but I've picked up the DS again recently, to play the very excellent Need For Speed Carbon (Own The City). However, in gaming terms, my touch screen is so screwed that my DS is fast becoming a double screened Gameboy, playable with buttons only.

So I need to have a good play through my Gameboy collection and Street Fighter II Turbo Revival seems like a good place to start! Getting a very respectable score of 9.4 from Metacritic, and a very favourable review from Screw Attack, it would seem I'm onto a winner! Enjoy The video...

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  1. I must admit I had the hots for that Asian girl Chung something. I didn't pay much attention to her name because I was starring at her ass, but she was hot.

  2. An excellent video discovery Father and apparently a lovely SF2 port too. Didn't imagine the GBA had it in it... Oh, and what happened to your screen? Perhaps it's a calibration problem?

  3. When I try to callibrate it, it works fine on the test. As soon as I go back to a game though it sucks. Highly annoying as I bought Elite Beat Agents for it (which is unplayable) and was getting into Phantom Hour Glass befor it f**cked up... Ho hum!

  4. Ho hum indeed. Have you tried threatening the thing?

  5. That's not a bad idea at all! *FK grabs DS by it's throat and shakes his fist at it...*

    Nope, still not working...

  6. Hmm... why not try a more subtle approach?