Friday, December 28, 2007

"The brand new yet highly collectible GBA Christmas Double Pack!" Review(ish)

Firstly, may I just say that in a highly more sober state, I've actually already done this review before. Secondly, may I also state, that Blogger was being an arse, so I lost the whole thing, despite Blogger's whole "Ooohh! I update and autosave automatically now, my blogging chums, apparently untrue bullshit!"

So, as it goes, I've already written this review! And how much better the original was!

OK! Down to business! The first game is a 'tad whack!' As Santa, flying across the mid-winter skies, you drop presents down chimneys, which decrease in stature every time you have a successful hit! The same game is a repeat of others, I'm too tired to post a link, but I'm sure it was one of the mini-games on the Japanese Saturn release of Segata Sanshiro (The Game!).

The second, however, is a classic! Holding the DS in book style, (as in Brain Training) you have to navigate Santa's 21st Century Skidoo (Snow-mobile type thing) as he delivers his pressies around the world!

This is a great game! It's fun and challenging... And as the whole package comes from those lovely peeps at Paradise Games, I suggest you do your duty and support it. I bought mine for a mere fiver (£5). Admittedly, I secured mine by registered post, which meant that the grumpy, 'by the book postman' wouldn't let my ten year old son sign for it, which in turn, meant me have to stand in line at the post office (massively hung over) for 3/4 of an hour to secure it on a Saturday morning, but that did not detract from it's gorgeous gameplay!

A definite 'keeper' flagged up by the gorgeous Gnome, this little homebrew treasure comes as a GBA cartridge (sumptuously compatible with your DS)... No downloading nonsense needed...

A festive treat for anyone... For more info click on the Paradise Games link above or -simply- here...
This is FK, a tad worse for wear, signing off for GGOTG...

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  1. A most festive, yet properly excellent review, oh Father! Guess I should grab a copy for myself too and support them lovely indie developers. Brilliant write-up and may blogger return you all its stolen away from you. Like, say, a goat. Or a post.

    Happy 2008 FK!

  2. I thought you don't celebrate Christmas Gnome?

  3. I don't really, but Father does :)

  4. That cool ( the way you have to hold the GBA like that )

  5. And it's so very retro too. Thanks for dropping by pilarvirus!

  6. *Wail!* Christmas is over tomorrow! *Sob!* Work on Monday! *Moan!* Oh well... Now for the most depressing period of the year...

    Roll on February...

  7. I am guessing father is not getting any love on Valentine's Day.

  8. I'd be pretty sure love's got nothing to do with it. It's the fecking back to work feeling...

  9. I'm lucky enough to feel love 365 days a year from the lovely Mrs. K,
    but I find this time of year hard to cope with as I love Christmas so much...

    Plus the January detox is looming high on the horizon...