Saturday, December 15, 2007

(Net) Radio Ga Ga PSP

Not much I can tell you really besides pointing out the fact that you lucky PSP owners will be able to enjoy some classic web radio fun on your handhelds. Click here to find out more.

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  1. What the hell? Why would anyone even need this useless PSP feature? It is better to just go to youtube.

  2. youtube, while a cool thing, is not Internet radio.

    I'm curious if you can run this in the background while playing a PSP game.

  3. Fine then. Listen to Serius Satelite radio.

  4. Funnyman, you are entitled to an opinion but that doesn't mean you are right. :)

    The pay-for model of cable and Sirius/XM radio holds no appeal to me, especially when I would still end up with commercials.

    Internet radio gives me a lot more choice. Pandora is a great way to listen to new or different music based on music I already like. And since I live in Dallas where the music radio sucks, I can listen to a great station like WXRT thanks to Internet radio (although it took took look enough for the station to finally come online).

    There are other excellent examples of the value of Internet radio. I personally value the importance of independence in any field. Internet radio gives independent stations an opportunity that doesn't require dealing with the government or with costly overhead like land-based stations. Sure, the FCC finally got around to somewhat enabling low-power FM stations, but why mess with a 3.5 mile range when you get much further with the internet.

  5. Commercials? What commericials? I never heard commericials with Serius Satelite radio. The only time I hear commercials is when there is a talk show or comedy show or something like that. But I never heard commercials on music stations. The reception is crystal clear on Sirius as well. You can customize the Sirius any way you want. There is a wide variety of music available. Plus, there are no FCC regulations with Sirius.