Sunday, December 16, 2007

Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)

FINALLY! I've engaged with a Zelda title that I like! For those of you in the know, I've just completed the level on Ember Island, the volcano has been extinguished, I've got the power of the wind (actually, I've ALWAYS had powerful wind, ask anyone in the Krishna household...) and Astrid The Fortune Teller has bestowed on me the secret of the Temple Of The Ocean King...

But if all that sounds like gobbledy-gook to you, I sympathise! I've never been able to get down with Link (and it's not for want of trying...) I've got 'A Link To The Past' for GBA, 'Ocarina Of Time' downloaded on my Wii, I've borrowed 'Twilight Princess' and I've recently purchased 'Link's Crossbow Training' bundled with the Wii Zapper- which is admittedly ace, but not a true Zelda title...

Phantom Hourglass is the follow up to the 'child Link' cell shaded nautical odyssey 'The Wind Waker' which first appeared on the Gamecube a few years back. It's movement and combat systems are all controlled with the stylus, the D-Pad being relegated to selecting the map and items (which can be purchased with those funky little rupees that are accumulated by 'hack and slash' gardening of the liberally scattered vegetation in Link's immediate environment).

A forgiving save system and the sort of gameplay that allows you to put in half an hour here or there, make this a perfect handheld gaming experience for me. Good storyline, likeable and engaging characters and an excellent musical score, coupled with endearing visuals, make this one a winner, and something I'd recommend for purchase.
Enjoy the screenshots and video, and check out the 'Links' below... (That's about the third time I've used that pun and it's wearing thin.... Even on me! LOL! ;)

Phantom Hourglass IGN Walkthrough (Yes I'm cheating as usual...)

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  1. The Zelda games have never really grabbed me either. I like Twilight Princess, but I still haven't finished it. The storyline just never drew me in. I do think Phantom Hourglass is more enjoyable: easier to play because of the save system as you note. The Midna character also drove me nuts.

    I like the ship in Phantom Hourglass as well as the generally lighter lighter feel to the game. And I couldn't agree more about the music: I have gotten to the point where I turn off the sound in Twilight Princess.

  2. Wise words dear guttertalk! Is the music really that bad on TP? I've only herded some goats at the very start, then I lost interest... I've beaten the first boss in PH and I must say I've enjoyed everything about it so far...

    BTW who's Midna? I haven't got that far...

  3. I wouldn't say the music is necessarily bad . . . I just got tired of it quickly, especially when in the twilight realm.

    Midna is an annoying spirit creature who helps your character throughout the game.

    My complaint with Twilight Princess is that the puzzles are the only thing driving the game for me. The story is pretty thin. The linearity of the game just seems too dominant and leaves me with too few options. The ability to choose at least to some degree is what makes RPGs more enjoyable to me. The prospect of playing this game for 40+ hours, too, doesn't help either.

    Phantom Hourglass has its own linearity but I feel like I can wander more.

    I can't help but compare Twilight Princess to Shadow of the Colossus. Maybe it's light v dark theme, but it's the action adventure design really, which I just found much more enjoyable in Colossus.

  4. Excellent write-up Father and a most tempting one too, though I can't see me getting another Zelda game anytime soon, despite both you and dear guttertalk enjoying it. I don't know. Think I just dont care for the story...

    Oh, and mentioning Colossus... Think this one might follow Okami's example.?

  5. Forty hours dear guttertalk? Well that means I'll never complete it! As for the story being paper thin, obviously it's not that engaging or I would have remembered what the fairy was called!

    And yes dear Gnome, that's wha t my problem has traditionally been with Zelda... but I'm determined to put some time into this one!

  6. I on the other hand am not sure I could manage to find anything near 20 free hours...

  7. I'll have to try this game out before i say eventhing about it