Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The brand new yet highly collectible GBA Christmas Double Pack

Everyone is sick of Christmas and the bloody thing hasn't even started yet. Anyway, just to help ease the pain of the unavoidable Xmas kitsch attack, here's a little something for your aging Game Boy Advance (and of course your DS): The RGCD/Paradise Christmas Double Pack. It's a brand new indie GBA cartridge sporting two seasonally themed mostly high-score based games, a hidden mini game, tons of smart gameplay and nice (at times impressive) 16-bit styled graphics.

Only 50 cartridges have been released and each one costs a puny £5.50, so I guess you'd better hurry. Grab them here or here and help support them retro loving homebrew developers and/or the pretty excellent yet very freeware retro gaming RGCD mag.

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  1. Sick of Christmas????? That will never happen!!! It's my favourite time of year!!! You Mediterranean types just can't appreciate the need for a blazing mid winter festival, as it's always quite warm!

    When the nights are long, the days are short and you're freezing your balls off in sub zero temperatures, a few fairy lights, a bit of tinsel and the excuse to over eat, over drink and exchange presents all becomes very appealing...

    It's a mostly pagan festival anyway...

    But I digress! thank you Gnome for flagging up yet another fabulous development. I've ordered my copy... (Hope I'm in time!)

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Oh and BTW the screenshot looks to be a blatant rip off the Segata Sanshiro Christmas mini game...

  3. Don't take m wrong dear Father, pagan and christian festivals are ok by me, but -really- do think of all the lonely people. Worse still, do think of all the poor gnomes driving around like crazy trying to be at three places at the same time...

    Ordered your copy huh? Hope we'll get the review then... Oh, and I thought it was a copy of one of Jeff Minter's early games...

  4. You're probably right my dear friend, and YES you're quite correct, the focus on being a part of friend/family celebrations actually pushes up the suicide rate at this time of year, so much so that all of our Christmas TV carries sub titles with the phone number of the Samaritans!

    still I love it dearly! I've got plenty of Ho! Ho! Ho!

  5. Unfortunately all I've got plenty of is obligations, meaning i want be able to catch a breath, will have to go from place to place and wont have a chance to relax... Ah, well... Merry Christmas Father...