Saturday, December 08, 2007

Guitar Hero Mobile: The Trailer

Admittedly, it does look nice and shiny, promising even, but what's the point of playing Guitar Hero when you don't actually wield a plastic toy guitar? Then again, I guess it could be worse. It could be raining, or you could have the option to plug a guitar into your phone. Well, anyway. Find out more on Guitar Hero Mobile over at its official site.

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  1. HELL YEAH!!!!
    The music in the trailer is fabulous! Who the hell sings that song?

    I thought Led Zeppelin for a heartbeat, but then wavered...

    Nebacha? Who is it? It rocks!

    Oh and the game? What we press phone keys instead of the buttons on our plastic guitars?

    I could live with that!

  2. Glad you asked, dear Father, for I know the answer. It's Wolfmother with the song Woman.

    About the game, I have Guitar Legend, a clone of GH, on my phone and it's not funny for a while, but its nothing special. The songs sound like shit and the gameplay is just meh...

    Indeed, we press the phone keys to play, something I'm used to since I don't have a guitar and played all the Guitar Heros with my PS2 pad.

  3. Damn, we should be able to edit our comments...

    Where I wrote "it's not funny for a while" I obviously meant "it's funny for a while", instead.

  4. Wolfmother! Thank you Nebacha, that was doing my head in! A certain long haired friend of mine flagged up Wolfmother as THE band I should listen to...

    Now if I'm confusing them with the REAL Led Zep, then the've got to be good...

    But it is pure nepotism isn't it?

    Good job Wolfmother! If only they were called Wolfmotherf**ker! That have been perfect! LOL! :)

  5. Guitar Hero was great on a console, but I don't know about a mobile device.

  6. Doesn't seem utterly fantastic to be honest...

  7. Will there be a Rock Band on a mobile?

  8. Shouldn't a Gnome know these things?

  9. Hmmm... well... uh... yes, but please don't tell anyone...