Sunday, December 02, 2007

Adventure Maker let's you create classic adventures for your PSP, iPhone, iPod or PC

Ok, truth is PC users won't really care, what with AGS and tons of other -better- adventure creation programs, but the rest of you should really be excited, for Adventure Maker is an easy to use, powerful and impressively complete set of applications, that will help you create Sierra/Lucasarts or even Myst like point-and-clickers (interesting multimedia presentations are another option) for the PSP, iPhone and iPod Touch crowd. AM, besides being mostly freeware, comes complete with a graphics program, music maker and absolutely anything you might need.

Truth is, the free edition doesn't allow you to go pro, yet I'm pretty sure it will help with advancing the portable homebrew adventures cause. So, uhh, grab Adventure Maker here, look at its features there or, better yet, enjoy some quality freeware games.

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  1. Yah, the free version is limited to 150 frames, or scenes. Very addictive online adventure games have much fewer scenes than 150.

    You're definitely right about Adventure Game Studio, which is much easier to use IMO.

  2. I absolutely agree, games can't be judged on size and a portable version of AGS would bre such a lovely idea...