Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Nintendo DSVision Media Player

Well, truth be said, you should be able to satisfy your appetite for DS books, comics, movies and homebrew media players of all sorts right from the gutter, but getting an official Nintendo seal of approval option can't be a bad thing either. And that's exactly where DSVision fits in.

It will be an interesting peripheral/service combination, meaning you'll be getting both a proper DS cartridge that'll will even allow the use of microSD cards and a nice online download service. According to the DSVision will be able to handle images, books, comics, magazines, videos and music, and will hit Japan sometime during March 2008. For further info and tons of pictures follow the link.

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  1. Music and videos on my DS! That's what I had hoped I would get with Games and Music cartridge. There is a rather excellent Shrek II trailer on the Games and Music crtridge, and there is something quite excellent about seeing video on your DS. I look forward to the availiability of this in the UK! :)

  2. Then again Games 'n' Music has the added benefit of giving you a chance to actually enjoy (some) of them freeware homebrew games too...

  3. I posted some images of the interfaces the other day and tried to extrapolate some details, including the possibility of some 24 categories of downloadable content.

    Because it uses a micro SD card, there's no reason you couldn't download homebrews and the like to that card.

    The question is can the DSvision interface itself *see* those files and games? There are certainly ways to prevent that, but consider that homebrew files have the .nds extension. If the official game, demo, and app files use the same extension (which demos already do), there is good reason that the DSvision software will see them.

    However, Nintendo could copy Apple which requires that iPod apps be registered in order to play them.

    Unfortunately, there's no announcement of the DSvision product and service beyond Japan.

    I think there's a careful line: How to combat piracy while not discouraging indie game development that helps sell your product. (There has been no annoucement of a DS SDK, which is something I hoped for when I first read of this a few weeks back.)

    Personally, I find going to the piracy sites too much of a security risk: I have no idea what I'm really downloading. I learned my lesson years ago just browsing a warez site that infected my PC.

  4. An once again invaluable comment dear guttertalk, and a most excellent post linked too. Actually, I would have seen it and linked to it myself were I not ridiculously out of time... Anyway, thanks for the info and here's to hoping we 'll be getting a homebrew friendly DSVision.

    Oh, and I don't think piracy could be a major threat to the DS... BTW, not all warez sites are that bad ;)