Thursday, October 11, 2007

Turn your Wii into a DS Station and download those lovely free Nintendo DS demos

Kotaku, being able to translate bits of this, has been kind enough to let us know that Nintendo will soon be turning every Wii into a lovely DS Station, meaning we'll be able to download free Nintendo DS game demos via our Wii. Great news, especially for gnomes like me that have never really seen a DS demo and wouldn't mind trying a few games out.

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  1. I honestly expected this to be a functionality from the start.

    Also I have no clue why they don't have a feature to let you download virtual console games into your DS. Maybe even a special cart that can hold say, 10 of them, or at least multiple games depending on size.

    Honestly I'd probably buy a Wii for that feature alone.

  2. I absolutely agree Josh. This should have been available from day 1. At least, Nintendo seems to be slowly trying to go for a decent online side to the Wii & DS...

    Oh, and this cart of yours... An excellent idea!

  3. I've thought every since I got into the homebrew stuff that Nintendo should acknowledge and take advantage of the slot 1 carts that some DS owners use.

    My workaround is DSOrganize, which includes a homebrew database from which you can download games, including those demos that we can get from the DS Stations.

    Unfortunately, I believe that the VC games have been tuned for the Wii. Filesize wise, there's no reason that they couldn't fit on a slot-1 cart. But the controls are specific types.

  4. An impressive comment indeed guttertalk! Now, think I'll have a look at this DSOrganize thingy... BTW, how difficult could it be to have the controls automatically remaped?

  5. Nintendo have always had good interraction between handhelds and home consoles. This news is great...

  6. Indeed dear Father.... can't wait for them DS demos myself...