Monday, October 08, 2007

Megazeux DS to spawn tons of free NDS games

Megazeux, the classic ZZT inspired ASCII-based game creation engine, has been ported to the Nintendo DS and will definitely reach all those ancient gamers currently enjoying two-screened gaming on the go. Find out more @ TIG Source and grab the download here. Now, to get an idea of how things will work on this version, well:

By default, the top screen shows a zoomed-in portion of the screen, and the bottom screen shows the entire thing. The stylus can be used to perform mouse clicks and pan around the top screen. Use the right trigger to toggle a software keyboard.

This port is still very rough, and just for testing. Be sure to make backups, as earlier versions have caused filesystem corruption on my CF card.

D-PAD = movement (arrow keys)
A + D-PAD = shoot in this direction
B = enter
X = save game
Y = load game
START = start (in title screen)
SELECT = escape
R TRIGGER = toggle bottom screen

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  1. This is a good day for homebrew, it seems...

    By the way, since we're already talking about freebies, let me ask you something, gnome: do you happen to know Knytt Stories and Bridge Construction Set?

    They're both freebies for the pc that I've discovered recently and they're great! Maybe you can talk about them in Gnome's Lair, if you haven't already.

  2. A great day for homebrew, yet a poor one for me and mankind... Still...

    I've only briefly played Knytt Stories (lovely it seems - gotta finish 'em B-Games) and am about to google the Bridge Construction Set right now... I'l definitely blog both but probably in some sort of bigger feature...

    Then again, why not use 'em of at your place of awesomeness? Oh, and thanks a ton Nebachadnezzar!

  3. Well, I thought of your place since it's already known for it's freebies articles, and besides, it has a much larger audience than my little forgotten corner of awesomeness.

  4. Why.. as said before ... thanks a ton... I'll definitely blog 'em in my upcoming pre-Xmas free games collection. Still, we shouldn't forget your place... go update it mate!

  5. I've just about given up on homebrew, its such a hit and miss affair... The only homebrew that still holds my interest is Dreamcast Homebrew. What a grumpy old sod I am... :)

  6. Actually all you have to do is check guttetalk's reviews and guides and you'll see you're missing lots of brilliant stuff...