Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monkey Island on a Nokia 6110

Having already mentioned ScummVM Symbian, I was more than happy to actually see the damn thing in use and thought you'd be too. That's why I posted the video above (discovered via Ron Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer blog) showing the 256 colours version of The Secret of Monkey Island running on a Nokia 6110 phone. Uhm, yes. Better watch it then.

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  1. Wow! Monkey Island on a phone!
    It's one of Caleb's favourites... I've never played it though. Is this an original somehow modded onto a phone or is it a port or phone adaptation?

  2. I remember saying it before. I will buy a phone when it can play games. Apparently now is the time :).

    Ofcourse I did have to buy phone that only plays Snake ;/

  3. It's an original Father, using the multi-platform ScummVM emulator Caleb's using two. It also is the second best game ever (the best being Monkey Island II)...

    Why, well, uhhh, snake has always been enough for phones Bashar.. A perfectly timed time-sink (?). BTW, an amazing blog you got there... care for a link exchange?

  4. Monkey Island 2 better than MI 1? Hmm...gnome, you sure remember the ending of that game, don't you?...

    Anyway, for me, MI 3 is the best, followed by the original.

    And now that I think of it, I never played MI 4...

  5. Yes! I actually loved the ending Nebachadnezzar! Thought it was funny, surreal, intriguing and totally unexpcted...

    MI3 was very good, but I didn't enjoy it more than the first two games. Despite the amazing "pirate" song bit and Murrey's brilliant punchlines.

    Avoid MI4. Couldnt stand it for more than a few hours. Shite like the shitty thing.