Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Duke Nukem 3D for Symbian Phones

In the long and interesting history of the First Person Shooter, DOOM was admittedly the first game to truly nail the basic FPS formula. Duke Nukem 3D (MobyGames entry), though, was the game that truly expanded and enhanced it, by adding all sorts of then-impressive tech improvements, an outrageous sense of humor and pig-like cops. Duke also was the better game.

Apparently the one you can also play on your mobile phone for free too. Just click here and download a few Duke 3D levels for some wholesome pig-shooting, hooker-petting mobile phone fun. Alternatively get all impressed by watching a video of Duke Nukem running on a Nokia N73.

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  1. (strolls trough the blog in an unsuspecting manner)
    ! ! !
    Sweet Jesus, my vary own
    portable pig-pulverising Duke!!!
    Comes with a nuke, or so I'm told...

  2. Your sources have apparently served you well dear neighboor... With a nuke it is.