Monday, February 26, 2007

Oops! I Did It Again...

Just a very quick note to say I've crumbled and bought Resident Evil Deadly Silence for the DS...
This is in complete contradiction to what I posted the other day, and therefore completely in keeping with my contrary nature and compulsion for buying games I don't need.

However, it does mean that I can write a review of it and have boosted my DS games collection from two to three!

I'm hoping it will arrive from eBay before Friday when I go and stay at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest (a much needed micro holiday...)

For 'Gaming On The Go' potential I'll be armed with my DS, my Treamcast, my Nokia N70 (Mafia Wars Yakuza) maybe my Game Gear and as many games as I can sneak away...

If I manage to get any portable gaming in whilst I'm away, it might allow me to get all creative on GGOTG when I get back!

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  1. Now, that's what I call a micro-holiday!

    Oh, apparently just had one meself too... :)

    Anyway, you got the RE DS game, but the beer offer still stands. And do have fun Father!

    (writing those reviews would be quite excellent, y'know...)


  2. Jill - you are the master of lockpicking.