Thursday, February 22, 2007

Atari Lynx. Before the feature.

A feature on the brilliant Atari Lynx console will definitely appear on this very blog. Probably sooner than later too, and -believe me- it won't be objective. Till the moment arrives though, you're better off reading this fine RetroMo: Atari Lynx feature. Just don't trust everything you read there. Lousy screen resolution? Pah! Obviously penned (well, ok, typed) by Sega Game Gear fanboys... ;)

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  1. Gnome you're not making my financial situation any easier...

    You know a little too much enthusaiam and I'll be swayed... I'll buy one then I'll regret it...

    I'll regret it when Mrs. K has my balls in a vice...
    :0 !

  2. In that case I'do my ball & money saving routine and steal the thing... Anything to keep the Mrs happy, right?