Sunday, February 11, 2007

Project Gotham Racing for mobile phones

Well, Siliconera discovered something to make your mobile phones smile (figuratively, of course): Project Gotham Racing will soon be invading their tiny SD cards. The game's graphics seem quite impressive, even though definitely not comparable to any current or last gen console, the game experience is reportedly substantially deeper than any phone-racer yet, a decent physics engine has been incorporated and hardcore phoners(?) will be able to drive 8 different cars and earn kudos. Interesting, huh? Read more...

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  1. Interesting, to say the least. Fun? Now that's a different story... maybe you can play it for us and let us know, as I dont really have anything to do with games on phones. The 360 and Xbox versions are very good though, so I think this one will be nice as well.

  2. Actually, I'd love to, but someone would have to send me the game free...

  3. Yeah whatever happened to our free phone games? (Notice I said OUR free phone games...)

  4. God he doesn't show up for ages and then he gets all demanding...

    Bloody ingrate...

  5. (slaps FK with a trout)

    Don't worry mate, as soon as a N70 game comes by I'll send it over for a review....