Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rumours Abound At Sega Nerds...

Rumour Mill: The Sega ‘Hedgehog’

Reports from RetroBlast! indicate that French based website INpactVirtuel have the latest scoop on what could possibly be the next Sega console!
Dubbed the ‘Sega Hedgehog’ this console will be a portable games device built on the same technology that the ill-fated Gizmondo platform ran on. Despite the flop that the Gizmondo was- the technology it held was actually more advanced and more powerful than the PSP- just very few games managed to show this and the Gizmondo company fell through soon after they launched the device in the US. The Gizmondo's main feature was that of the Satellite Navigation built in, which was not only used for in car SatNav, but was set to be used in many games too. It’s just a pity that the device was never marketed properly, nor had the support from the gaming community. On a side note- the Gizmondo's SatNav is actually very good- I use it in my car still today.
Whether the ‘Hedgehog’ will have the same SatNav technology the Gizmondo had we do not know. Reports Rumours indicate that the Hedgehog will possibly have ‘retrocompatibility’ with old Sega consoles, namely the Mastersystem, Saturn and Dreamcast. Though how that is done, it is not yet known. From the rough image we have seen the device is set to have a USB port for possibly connection to printers, scanners, PC and possibly for wireless Internet access.
Of course this is all heresay right now, and to be honest I don’t believe it to be true. Especially as it is said to be available at the end of 2007. But it’s always nice to dream isn’t it? Imagine a handheld Dreamcast or Saturn?"

Yes folks it's the errant Father Krishna nipping in with a bit of plagiarism that I appropriated over at the excellent . Not really believing it myself it was just a sneaky way to ingratiate myself back on this esteemed site. Real posting soon I promise...

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  1. Sound too good to be true dear FK. Oh, and you're so very welcome back!

    I'll bring the festive tea & cookies!

  2. It's great to be back! and just to prove it, I feel like a great big rambling post coming on...

  3. Just saw it mate! It's bloody brilliant!

  4. Holy crap is this a joke??????

    A Sega handheld that plays DREAMCAST games!!!!

    Oh 128 bit bliss....

  5. Yes, it would definitely be excellent. Not very likely, but definitely excellent...