Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Zelda Mobile

The Legend of Zelda, the original golden cartridged NES version of it (to be precise like a precise person), is currently being remade. For our phones and thankfully for free. Now, that's all the info you'll ever need. Hurry to this place and get the first 2 demo versions of the game before Nintendo finds out.... Mind you, demo ver. 3 will be out anytime now and will -hopefully- soon be followed by the full free version.

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  1. i just can't get into zelda... I have 'zelda a link to the past'for my GBA, I've played it a bit but just can't get into it... And I paid a fucking tenner for it...

    Thinking of trading it in at the old Gamestation...

  2. Go on then.. trade it... Not everyone has to enjoy it y'know... Still, oh dear father, this one's free...