Friday, December 08, 2006

Super K.O. Boxing. A review.

Go on, admit it. Phone games are mostly shit. Cheap shit really, but that just doesn't make 'em any less painful. And I do mean painful in a very physical, very finger-bending way. That's why running into glu mobile games was such a happy occasion, followed by general rejoicing and wanton frolicking. Their games are actually fun. Gasp!

Well, at least Super K.O. Boxing was, and to be perfectly honest still is. It is you see a cunningly, though not very subtly, named boxing game, featuring simple yet effective controls and beautiful cartoon graphics. You could have a look actually. Try this link (and click the "try" button). Back already? Nice.

Super K. O. Boxing -as the link followers must have already noticed- feels perfect for short bursts of gaming, and is quite deep for a phone game. The controls though are what's real important, and they are close to perfect. Press 2 for a punch in the head, 5 for one in the stomach, 8 to block, 4 or 6 to dodge, 1 to taunt and * to unleash your super-punch. Simple, straightforward and it works brilliantly.

Onto the boxers themselves then. You are in the sweaty boxing boots of K.O. Kid (oh, dear...) and have to face such illustrious, characterful and well-animated opponents as Sake Bomb, Major Pain or Tiki Tam. The game features quite a few of them silly and less-silly opponents, as well as a career mode, unlockables and goes as far as requiring a touch of tactics. Sounds and music are pretty decent too.

The game was tested on a Nokia N80. All things considered a great phone game. Highly recommended. Try it.

SCORE: 8.5/10.

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  1. Tried to play the demo but either my inneptitude or my computer wouldn't let me... i'm guessing it's the first one!
    Currently enjoying a port of the original Sonic on my phone... Well I say 'enjoying... The game's great, but my sausage like, shakey fingers are not condusive to tapping tiny phone keys, whilst trying to control the actions of a little blue rodent speed-freak...
    the smaller it gets, the harder it gets... (OOER!)

  2. It looks like Super Punch out on the SNES.

  3. 2 5 2 22 8

    (elderly shadow boxes......)

  4. Sonic huh? Weeelllll, so the old father got a nice phone game then, huh? Excellent, excellent!

    Elderly, you are quite strange today. What do you mean? 3 78 6 11 5?

    Hello J, welcome, and yes. Indeed it is!

  5. Yes it is pretty neat! But my affore mentioned, shaky, sausage fingers, make it almost inevitable that smooth gameplay doesn't necessarily go hand in hand, with the frankly excellent fact that I have SONIC... On my phone!!
    And BTW the fact that I did most of my 'research' for my Game Gear post on the Internet...On my phone... Just blows me away!

  6. So... it seems you one of 'em wise net-phone sages, aren't you? I salute you!

  7. the numbers? the answers in the post, by pressing 2 i throw a punch to the head, 5 one for the stomach

    25228 represents a flurry of blows.......

    (scratches head...)

  8. The disgrace. Stupid gnomes will be terminated.

  9. no no... do you know how many termites die everytime a termination takes place... for god sakes think of the little ones.......

  10. Ok. No termination then. Just a pro spanking...