Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gaming on the your house?

Just a quickie... Check out this site for the chance to play Gameboy classics such as Pokemon Gold on your PC.

All manner of retro titles are available on your PC, including Atari, SNES, N64, Megadrive/Genesis etc.... You can even download games for the excellent rank outsider the Sega Saturn...

Now I think that's a console worthy of special attention. Give that console the attention it deserves by visiting the fledgling Saturn Junkyard here.

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  1. This my friend is an AMAZING find! A rarest of gems... The absolute stash... Thanks a ton!

    (PS already having a blast with Aliens vs Predator on the Jaguar)

    top post

  2. Glad your enjoying it...
    The Biggest Ginger deserves the credit, as it was him who alerted me to
    After slagging off the Middle Ginger for playing Pokemon on the GBA, he is now happily playing it on the PC 'cos he discovered and downloaded it.
    Bloody fickle ginger kids...
    Plus I made a purchase today, that puts you 15 euro Rez accquisition to shame...
    Take that! (LOL!)

  3. (That, taken)


    What is it? What is it?


  4. You'll have to nip over to the Saturn Junkyard to find out... All I'm saying is it makes 15 Euros sound like a million pounds...
    Oh BTW the "Walkthough? For a shooting game..." post has morphed into something altogether more surreal... (LOL!)

  5. I'm off for my blog-stroll then.

    (puts on walking hat. whistles)

  6. The SEGA Saturn had some graintastic graphics, but haf some hot games.

    I'd LOVE for Sega to put Saturn games up on the Nintendo's Virtual console.

  7. That would be absolutely fantastic! Oh, and dear J, the Saturn, did have excellent 2D graphics...