Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well look who's just popped in...

It's Father Krishna (of The Dreamcast Junkyard) here! I've been very kindly invited by my esteemed blogging colleague Gnome, to help contribute to the bold and beautiful venture, known as 'Gnome's Gaming On The Go'...

As the proud owner of a GBA, DS, PSP (alright my sons let me play on their PSPs every now and then...) plus the fabulous retro marvels, Sega Game Gear, and Treamcast, I feel I have lots to talk to you all about!!

For now, however, I'm just happy to introduce myself, and thank the most wonderful Gnome for the opportunity to regail you all with my customary rambling nonsense, on this fresh and wonderful site.

Oh what larks we'll have!


  1. hurrayyyy ........ opens another bottle of champagne.... swallows cork....

    .hmhooo hohhiimm hhmnnlllll cough!!

  2. Welcome wise father krishna! Welcome indeed. You're so welcome I'll drink some of dear Elderly's champagne!


    (I'm really touched)

  3. I'm fucking 'made up' to be here! (North Western English dialect meaning 'very delighted' for all y'all international types out there..)
    If I could only post illustrations to my ramblings I'd be as happy as a pig in shit!!! (LOL)!!!

  4. Worry not! We shall overbear Bloggers shortcomings! Welcome again, comrade!