Sunday, December 10, 2006

A 3D Monster Maze on the PSP

Let's be honest here. This is a post almost directly lifted from the Gnome's Lair. Other than that it's a post about a weird little emulator, that will let you use your beloved Sony PSP as a classic Sinclair ZX-81 home computer (sans keyboard of course), thus giving you an excellent chance to relive those brilliant 3D Monster Maze days. Simply get the PSPZX81 emulator here and grab some (obviously free) games here.

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  1. Anything Spectrum floats my boat...
    Ahhh! JetSet Willy? Manic Miner?
    These are the things that dreams are made of...

  2. Meh.. those are high-tech Spectrum games you're thinking Father... The ZX-81 was so much more low tech... Still if you're interested into something more ZX-like, I'll see what i can do :)

  3. that screenshot looks like the corridor of doors from the matrix..... though "lifted" it looks much better over here.....

  4. (concerned that gnome dosen't read his own posts, and hoping to explain himself succintly elderly copies and pastes....)

    ".....almost directly lifted..."

  5. (gnome concerned in general)

    Yes, but? Uhm? Ah! I see now. Yes, quite clearly, really...

    Cha cha cha!