Thursday, December 07, 2006

Downgrade your DS...

...and turn Nintendo's amazing handheld marvel, that oozes quality gaming like a particularly oozy thing oozes ooze, into a generally not-very-entertaining Texas Instruments TI-85 scientific calculator. Thankfully though, people seem to have programmed games for this thing too, so I guess you're in for a treat, as ztetris, zKart3D and more Z-games have been bundled with the emulator's download.

Ah, yes. The download. Get it here or even better see what MaxConsole makes of the thing.

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  1. Is it strangely perverse to say I'm quite interested in doing this?
    I've already got into the habit of playing GBA games, bought for a fiver at Gamestation on my DS instead of £30 titles brought out for this 'next gen' handheld...
    I quite like the idea of making it into a '70s calculator for a while...
    God and I've just realised that the Sega Smash Pack GBA game that I've been enjoying on my DS is a revisionist title in itself!!!
    Jesus! I'm using an innovative 21st century console to play megadrive games!!!
    And so what!!! Anyone wanna fight!?
    Yer bastards!...Hic!... Are you looking at my bird??? Are you dissing the Dreamcast!?

  2. There, there, my friend... Have a nice cup of tea and everything will be fine again. Care for some pizza too perhaps?

    No, I'm sorry, no more Tequila for you unfortunately. My poor granny needs it... Sory...

    Other than that though, I totally sympathize with your retro tendencies...

  3. Yes a cup of tea would be good...
    I'm getting all agitated again aren't I Gnome?
    Two sugars and a couple of lithium please...

  4. Lithium. Right. ok. Fine. No alcohol though....

  5. Yes doctor... plus these opiates bung me up a bit stop me from doing the 'unmentionable...' eh Elderly?..

  6. a calculator.... and constipation inducing opiates..... priceless

  7. Everything makes sense when one smokes a Ti-85 using a traditional Thai opium pipe...

  8. ....curtains become dragons, and the very carpet at your feet becomes a swathing mass of 25 carat diamond powder....

    or so im told........

  9. ...nope im wrong that must have been the Ti-83...... sorry!!

  10. And may i add we could try smoking a TI 94/A too... And imagine popping dragons ....

  11. ...(checks the hallway....opens window....produces a box of matches.....) okay if you don't mind sharing.....

  12. Sure! dragons belong to the masses...

  13. ..(inhales deeply.......) that was like.... so profound.... it's like totally illumniated a part of my brain i thought had atrophied... man that's far out...... cool....


  14. Ah yes. Thank you Mr. Elderly dear!

    Care for something Tequilish too?

  15. Good find...the TI-85 is still the best scientific/graphing calculator produced. I'm still using mine on a daily basis, fifteen years later...

  16. Ah, such a kind a Possum... Haven't used any scientific calculators for quite a few years now, but I'll take your word on the TIs quality! Cheers!