Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Welcome FK, welcome new PSP firmware

Just a short post to welcome the illustrious Father Krishna to this humblest of blogs. Mind you, this is a 100% official welcome. Thus... err... welcome dear Father Krishna!

And welcome PSP firmware 3.02. Get it here, but remember that it will interfere with homebrew applications, emulators and other non SONY certified stuff. Anyway. Welcome new firmware. Version 3.01 will be sorely missed.

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  1. thankyou dear Gnome for that most illustrious of welcomes! LOVE the picture!!
    look forward to embarking on this fabulous venture with your good self! I'm as excited as when I went from being Teeleecee fanboy to being a 'Yard contributor. And that's saying a lot!
    (Jumps into jacuzzi full of asses milk, sparks up a massive cuban cigar and guzzles a vase full of champagne, whilst just being joined by Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Janet Jackson and Rosario Dawson who have joined Krishna for his "I'm blogging with Gnome" celebration party...

  2. Thank you and welcome dear Father of us all Krishnas... The party is on!

    Cuban cigars huh? Love em... Especially when combined with nice mojitos and Havana Clud rum.

    Cheers my friend!

    (the pic is the peek of my photo-editing skills)

  3. And what great photo-editing skills they are! The sight of a vedic god holding court with a PSP is something I've frankly been waiting for online, for many years! Good on yer!

  4. ...erm so is there a going away party (with alcohol and strippers) for version 3.01....

    we could organise one....

    poor 3.01.....

  5. Father Krishna, I'm glad i helped fulfill the ancient god-PSP-pic prophecy. You may now take a seat. The festivities are about to begin. Elderly even brought (my) Tequila and the strippers are around the corner, thus unseeable, thus noone gets screamed at!