Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nintendo Gameboy Commercial

Not that impressive really, is it? Still, it's all 80s and all Gameboy.

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  1. What!? it's bloody impresive if you ask me... You get a free robot/stormtrooper with your Gameboy that will disappear in a puff of smoke if you beat him in a game? I'm getting one!

  2. Seems you're right on that one father... Never actually figured the robot-thingy was part of the deal....

  3. It is!! I just got one off eBay... Mind you, I'm a bit sick of him already... He has no manners and sits in my favourite armchair when I want to watch the TV... Plus I think the Mrs. likes his muscular frame and 'strong silent type' appeal... she's already hinted she prefers him to me...

  4. Oh my... better attempt a Tetris duel then... Better yet, unplug the bastard...

    Pah! Pesky bots.

  5. Yeah pesky bloody wife stealing bots! It's alright though I removed an essential piece of his 'Hardware' and suddenly the Mrs. has lost interest...
    Take that Robokind!