Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Nutcracker for Pocket PC

Aha! A brilliant PocketPC commercial game gone freeware: The Nutcracker. An excellent action-adventure puzzler playable on virtually any PocketPC produced since 2002, and freely available for download here.

This one features top production values, an interesting plot, more than 100 rooms and a smart and intuitive control method. As put it: "The Nutcracker is an intelligent excursion in PDA gaming. Its combination of technical prowess with a deep and thoughtful game is almost without precedent".

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  1. damn excellent free games, reminds me of C64 Public Domain games..... now i want a psp....

  2. No, no, it's a Pocket PC you want dear! And it would definitely be a worthy purchase....

  3. This game works on my HTC HD2, surprisingly, although I can't use the radio, inventory or maps due to the lack of button configuration or something....