Saturday, December 23, 2006

VCsp? An Atari 2600 on the road.

Now, the above may not be a retro console per se, but it does feature some classic Atari tech despite the admittedly contemporary Nintendo DS screen. Other than that, it's an excellent and fully working Atari 2600 (VCS) handheld created from scratch. Have a look (and do also give this link a try).

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  1. Ace postage! What a stunningly clever fellow Mr. Ben Heckendom is!

  2. (....tip toes in... leaves Christmas tree in middle of room.... tip toes out....)

    tip toes back in, decorates tree....tip toes out, trips over cable... falls... crawls out....)

    (crawls back in leaves two bottle shaped pressies under tree..... cralws out....)

  3. (gnome turns off extremely subtly positioned camera)

    Ah sweet dear Elderly... You really got to watch this...

    (Emails festive stuff around)

  4. That'd actually be a cool little gadget. I'm not even sure if my Atari still works, but I've still got the cartridges and classic ones at that! Pac-Man Jr., Pole position, Phoenix and Millipede

  5. I'll just add it's impossible for a sturdy Atari 2600 to stop working...