Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You power it up yourself matey!

And I'm definitely talking about your not-so-power-hungry Nintendo DS. Still, why use them expensive batteries, when you could simply click your way to Japan and order a hand-crank charger for your lithe handheld beauty? It should come in especially handy for parents. You should be able to amuse and exercise your kids while simultaneously saving precious batteries and protecting the environment. Gamers with camping/hitch-hiking fetishes should also enjoy the little pointless gadget.

Oh, and here's a nice YouTube video:

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  1. Ah! well done Gnome an ecological and DS related post! But just how much winding would it take to get enough power to play?
    Still I applaud the concept and the fact that you're taking time out of your festive programme to regail us with such treasures...

  2. Oh BTW I am currently enjoying a most bargain-tastic 'X Men' for DS which I procured for my littlest Ginger for the amazing price of £7.98 brand new..

    Lots of lovely touch screen action. Will post a proper review before the Yuletide season is finished!

    I am also enjoying sherry and the two elements (game and festive tipple) are combining very well...

    Added to that, I am enjoying these two wonderful things in the bosom of my family, with Pirates Of the Carribean on the telly in the background!

    Joy to the world!!!

  3. Ah yes! Joy to the world indeed... And to proove the importance of your point I guess I'll take a few days off...

    Cheers father!

    (can't wait for the review...)