Friday, December 15, 2006

Dragon's Lair DS

Ah! Lucky DS users, cherished Nintendo fanboys, 80s laser-disc gaming aficionados. This one's for you, and it's a Nintendo DS port of the lovely semi-playable Dragon's Lair classic (MobyGames entry here) by none other than Mr. Bluth. Only 4 levels of it actually, but you can get it here and it's absolutely free.

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  1. No fecking way!!! I love that game and have absolutely no idea how to get it on my DS!!! Will have to get my tekkie friend to get this on! It's a must! best discovery/post on this hallowed site so far...

  2. BTW! blogger keeps removing the image of my 'word verifiaction' from my computer so I can't comment...
    Hope you didn't think I was staying away deliberately!

  3. Good luck enjoying it then dear FK. Glad you appreciate the find too. Oh, and of course I wouldn't think such a thing... BTW, refreshing should slve such minor blogger issues....

  4. Oh great Gnome! pray how does one transport this from the PC onto one's DS?
    Is there a USB lead available?

  5. Help me! I'm desparate to know, patience might be a virtue, but it's not one of mine...

  6. Yes, but I think you could also try WiFi...

    Also, check this out:

  7. OK so I need a wireless USB wotsit...

  8. Might be a tad complicated though...

    Check this link

    (already presented in Junkyard's comments)